SCP-XXXX: Warsigns
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Region Bakhtin, containing exoplanet HIP 65426b. Parent star removed for clarity.

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Keter-bellorum

Special Containment Procedures: No civilians or personnel are permitted to enter Region Bakhtin without first submitting to ALP-modal restructuring, which will render them unable to attribute meaning to signs contrary to core Foundation tenets. This process is irreversible, and written permission must be obtained prior to the procedure. Individuals entering Region Bakhtin must be accompanied by a heavy protection detail, and evacuated if contact with Race/4 is deemed likely.

Race/4 is considered a high-risk threat to the Foundation's operations, and is not to be approached by any staff or affiliated entities. The development of BET-modal restructuring, rendering persons unable to attribute meaning to either the Foundation or its tenets, is currently ongoing. Due to the informational asymmetry of semiosis, the likelihood of it being effective is unknown but predicted low. Researchers have been unable to determine any other potential method of reversing or subverting the effects of SCP-XXXX in either Race/4, humans, or others.

The whereabouts of PoI-XXXX are currently unknown. In the event that xe is located within Region Bakhtin, MTF Gimel-43 ("Personal Space Invaders") are to be dispatched to retrieve or terminate xem. If xe is located in non-anomalous space, termination is authorised to be carried out on-location by any personnel with Light Arms certification or higher.

An alternative to the standard SCiPNet v.6.6 database system, referred to as DemiOS, has been developed for those affected by SCP-XXXX, and contains no references to adverse triggers. Its use is mandatory for affected personnel.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a semiotic1 anomaly affecting all lifeforms within Region Bakhtin. The source of SCP-XXXX is the wreckage of Semiautonomous Exploration Vessel Messier-04, which is currently in orbit around the exoplanet HIP 65426b (common designation Némein). Messier-04 was previously under the sole command of Agent Les Coenn, remotely heading Research Team 77-Lacaille in order to initiate peaceful first contact with Race/4. RT 77-Lacaille has been disbanded following the failure of this goal, and Agent Coenn has been redesignated PoI-XXXX, with xer Sol citizenship status revoked.

Sapient lifeforms affected by SCP-XXXX will have their interpretation of specific signs altered. This is analogous to switching a person's interpretation of the standard 'stop' sign to mean 'accelerate' — in the case of SCP-XXXX, the signs in question convey the knowledge that anything associated with the sign must be destroyed, except the signs themselves, which must be duplicated and spread as much as possible. As of 2029-06-12 approximately 10% of all surfaces in Region Bakhtin, including the epidermis of Race/4 and the surface of Némein, are decorated in some way with affected signs. Due to the lack of naturally associated entities in the region, this poses no inherent danger without external interference.

A representative sign affected by SCP-XXXX is included as an addendum to this document. Personnel are advised to exercise caution while viewing.

Addendum.1 | SEV M04 Log:


Addendum.2 | SCP-XXXX-affected sign:


The following file contains an active semiohazard

Do not view if you have entered Region Bakhtin at any date later than 2029-02-02
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