SCP-8267: Vampires

Two live SCP-8267 instances unearthed in Stuttgart, Germany (c. 1910), having been restrained and buried some decades earlier. Note the dehydration and opaque colouration.

Item №: SCP-8267

Anomaly Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures:

Description: SCP-8267 are obligate hematophages composed of a translucent humanoid epidermis (along with eyes and ears) filled with a viscous fluid and stringy masses of muscle and supportive tissues. The fluid contained within SCP-8267 instances (SCP-8267-1) is the source of its anomalous effects, being its main method of metabolisation and respiration. The presence of SCP-8267-1 within SCP-8267 is responsible for the latter's survival despite not possessing many of the organ systems considered necessary for animal life of this scale. SCP-8267 do not appear to undergo natural senescence at the rate of most organisms, and are capable of surviving for several centuries if given sufficient sustenance. The sapience of SCP-8267 is debated, but individual instances have displayed rudimentary understandings of certain elements of human society, in some cases donning human clothes in order to remain unnoticed at a distance.

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