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Item №: SCP-8255

Anomaly Class: █████

Threat Type: No direct risk to civilians


The Lombard Telephone Exchange (1925)
City of Toronto, Canada, Earth

Civilian Containment/Handling Protocols: Supervised access to SCP-8255 is granted for academic/research purposes, but trespassing is forbidden. The space surrounding SCP-8255 for 5 kilometres is a Foundation-operated containment zone, and all research groups using SCP-8255 must be accompanied by a Level-3/8255-Certified SCPF staff member. Information produced by SCP-8255 (and academic research derived from this information) is the intellectual property of the SCP Foundation, but a request for free release may be granted if the information is beneficial to extraterrestrial exploration/race-relations.

Low-sensitivity files relating to SCP-8255 may be requested for academic purposes by submitting form R902206.002.8255 (REQUISITION OF CLASSIFIED MATERIAL) and will be released following delivery of the standard consulting fee. Liaisons with members of RT 22-Lacaille are available by appointment.

Civilians experiencing Meucci Events should note that they pose no harm, and are advised to notify Foundation personnel to ongoing Events if possible. A small monetary reward is available to civilians providing detailed accounts or recordings of unique or exceptional Meucci Events.

Description: SCP-8255 is a large extrasolar structure composed of 15 alien components of varying architecture, as well as the Lombard Telephone Exchange, which disappeared circa 19291.

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