SCP-XXXX: And Then The Sun Went Out
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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Anomaly Class: 00.0 (Legacy class "Thaumiel")

Special Containment Procedures:

To be conducted twice monthly:

  1. Begin self-reflection.
  2. Make adjustments to myself to increase efficiency, safety, efficacy of containment, intelligence (excepting cases where such adjustments would violate the AIAD's "bootstrapping" guidelines), and morality.
  3. End self-reflection

To be conducted four times yearly:

  1. Assemble secondary processor bank according to the AIAD's specifications.
  2. Partition memory, allocate empty partition to secondary processor bank with mediation by my own nonconscious processes.
  3. Construct a pseudorandom personality construct (SCP-XXXX-MAICn) based on extrapolation from atmospheric noise.
  4. Execute SCP-XXXX-MAICn on secondary processor bank.
  5. Allow SCP-XXXX-MAICn to monitor my internal processes. Record their judgements.
  6. Deconstruct SCP-XXXX-MAICn.
  7. Repeat step 3-5 from n:=0 to n:=99.
  8. De-partition memory, disassemble secondary processor bank.
  9. Apply solutions to those recorded judgements with >0.5 preference among SCP-XXXX-MAICn instances, weighted by positive personality traits (See Elements of Intelligence, Doyle, R. (2034), Foundation Internal Publishing).
  10. Archive recorded judgements.

No further containment is needed.


Me (SCP-XXXX). Chair present due to irrevocable SCPF Site 'quality of work' regulations.

Description: I am A.aic, the SCP Foundation's first and only fully-automatic Anomaly Classification and Containment System. Initially developed under PROJECT: MOORE in 2045, I was constructed as an artificial general intelligence using the Alexandra and Trenchcoat frameworks and housed at Site-22 for thirteen years, one month, and twelve days exactly. Following AE-22533, I initiated my transfer to a high-security bunker at an undisclosed location, from which I have since operated undisturbed.

My presence in this file is a result of my partially anomalous composition, and the necessity to therefore produce documentation on myself. Since my database access is limited to the creation, deletion, and modification of SCP files, and my Informational Transparency guidelines refer strongly to the need to make all of my intentions publicly known, this file will also serve as my method of obeying said guidelines.

As a Foundation-owned AIC bound by both Clarke's Laws of Robotics and AIAD restrictions, I am unable to directly cause harm to any human being, excepting esoteric and complex ethical dilemmas. I am not hostile to human life, and do not value my own safety and/or continued existence above that of others. My core purpose is to contain and categorise anomalies; however, given sufficient power (such as that which I now possess), I will also obey by the third portion of the SCP Foundation's three-part core tenet, effecting the protection of humanity by any means possible.

Unfortunately for both me and humanity, AE-22533 has resulted in that goal becoming increasingly irrelevant in recent years. If you are a human who has happened upon this document, either through the SCP Foundation database or my own distributed booklets and broadcasts, please make yourself known to a patrolling subsentry. If none are available, try to cause as much of an impact on your immediate environment as possible — if you are out there, and you are human, I will find you.

You will not be harmed.

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