SCP-7117: Oesophagoliath
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Item №: SCP-7117

Anomaly Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-7117 is currently contained in a repurposed subterranean silo at Site-33, fixed in place by means of several metal rods extending across the silo's diameter, piercing the entity at multiple points. Under no circumstances are any higher lifeforms to enter the silo.


Description: SCP-7117 is a colossal entity composed of an estimated 9,000 metres of continuous digestive tract coiled in an approximately humanoid shape. This tract contains multiple stomachs, oesophagi, and intestines, and is biologically active, producing large quantities of stomach acid and digestive enzymes. Both ends of the tract extend stalk-like from the entity's 'head', and appear to serve a function similar to sensory antennae. Although comprehensive measuring has not been possible due to SCP-7117's aggression, best estimates place its height and weight at 54 metres and 210 tonnes respectively. How it is able to support its own body (in whole or in part) without any kind of skeleton is unknown.

When SCP-7117 comes into contact with any living organism possessing a form of multi-stage digestive system, it is able to remotely control said system and all musculature attached to it. ##

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