SCP-7538: The 90s Called...

Item №: SCP-7538

Anomaly Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: All known components of SCP-7538 are held in Event Storage Prima, located 48 km southeast of Research Site Tau, accessible via two concealed surface elevators. Inspections of SCP-7538 are to be performed monthly by a team of trained temporal anomaly specialists, recording the causality of each SCP-7538-1 instance and noting any unexpected changes.

Any new instances of SCP-7538 discovered are to be contained alongside the rest, following extensive decontamination. Non-anomalous living SCP-7538 instances may be hired or released into the civilian population following extensive memory-realignment. Living SCP-7538 instances are to be subjected to rehabilitation, termination, or containment (in that order) depending on their state of degradation.

In the event that a second DT-Class Split Timeline event occurs necessitating another Foundation-operated concatenation, the resulting anomalies are to be classified as additional SCP-7538 instances, and Event Storage Prima is to be expanded as necessary to accommodate the additional items.

Description: SCP-7538 are ~10,000 items that entered baseline causality following the merging of timelines T:8-8a-9-0: and T:8-8a-9-1: between 1995-07-02 and 1996-01-02 A.D. ##

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