SCP-209-J: The Sadist's Tumblr
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Item №: SCP-209-J

Anomaly Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-209-J is currently uncontained; no method of apprehending the anomaly has yet been devised. Since attempts in the past have led to counterproductive results and increased frequency/vehemency of Algea Events, no further attempts of this nature are scheduled. No external Foundation attention is to be directed at SCP-209-J. Motivational Task Force Qoppa-5 ("Countermemes") has been established with the goal of preventing further Foundation losses; see Addendum: Ϙ-5 Protocol Log for more details.

Description: SCP-209-J is an individual responsible for the management of a number of social media accounts across various platforms. Usernames/handles vary from case to case, but have involved such uninspired faux-witticisms as "sexpungement" "i_fucked_an_entire_Redacted", and the particularly unoriginal "u/foundationisashits". The physical nature, appearance, and age of SCP-209-J is unknown, though the latter is presumed to be the absolute minimum necessary to approximate the crude use of a keyboard.

Approximately once every two days, SCP-209-J will post a message directly mentioning or targeting an account covertly operated by a Foundation front company. ##

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