SCP-7631: The 51st Royal Numerical Regiment
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British Government military archives. Nearest drawers are devoted to SCP-7631.

Item №: SCP-7631

Anomaly Class: Gladstone

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-7631 is currently under the purview of Her Majesty's Government of the United Kingdom. As per the agreement formed between the SCP Foundation and Her Majesty's Foundation for the Secure Containment of the Paranormal1, the SCPF will continue to monitor SCP-7631's activities as with a standard SCP-type anomaly, with the British Army maintaining full control under the direction of the British Occult Service. No actions are to be taken on the part of the SCPF to contain SCP-7631. Any attempt to do so will constitute a breach of the Forbidden City Convention and may lead to the UK Government withdrawing any or all Foundation funding.

Foundation-led research into the functions and limitations of SCP-7631 is ongoing. No Foundation interaction with SCP-7631 is currently being permitted at this time.

Description: SCP-7631 is the 51st Royal Numerical Regiment of the British Army, a branch of the Arcana Brigade with no specialisation, budget, assigned personnel, or headquarters. SCP-7631 presents a statistically anomalous presence within the Army's structure; despite not existing except for record-keeping purposes, events that the Regiment is assigned to will experience higher success rates (by whichever metric success is determined) to a degree that would suggest the presence of up to 1,600 additional troops. This includes (but is not limited to) training exercises, intelligence gathering, public displays, and active combat.

SCP-7631 cannot be assigned to two events occurring simultaneously. Attempts to do so will result in the least strenuous and most pleasant event being affected by the anomaly, and no observed influence on the other. In cases where one of the metrics measuring success is discrete (i.e. the number of confirmed kills during a period of combat), the benefit will be distributed as evenly as possible over participants.

Since the Regiment's formation in 1766, it has been consistently utilised by the UK Government, and remains an open secret among those aware of the existence of the anomalous. Based on usage records and current efficacy estimates, SCP-7631 has been responsible for just over 2.2% of the British Army's warfare successes.

As a show of good faith by the UK Government, the Foundation was granted a period of access to SCP-7631 for research purposes. An abridged record of tests performed during this period can be viewed in Addendum.1, with a comprehensive list available on request from the RAISA archives.

Addendum.1 | Test Log:

Procedure — Ex-7631-02: ##

Result: ##

Procedure — Ex-7631-08: ##

Result: See interview log Doc-7631-0001.

Procedure — Ex-7631-14: ##

Result: ##

Procedure — Ex-7631-24: Determine effects of anomaly on baseline humans by officially assigning subject (D-002510) to SCP-7631.

Result: D-002510 was released from Foundation custody and entered the British Army as a conscript, housed at #####. No anomalous effect was observed until ####-##-##, when SCP-7631 was assigned to a standard training exercise — at this point, D-002510 left their barracks and was transported to the location of the exercise under standard army protocol.

At an unknown point during this transport, a miscommunication between the transport detail and the regional headquarters occurred. The driver and accompanying staff have since testified that they delivered D-002510 successfully, while those present at the training exercise maintain that no such delivery took place. D-002510 was not recovered following the transportation, and neither were any items assigned directly to the subject. D-002510's Foundation-mandated monitoring equipment and internal tracking system were subsequently located in a military warehouse 16 kilometres west of the target location.

As a direct result of this event, the UK Government has placed a blanket moratorium on Foundation-operated testing of SCP-7631. The current whereabouts of D-002510 are unknown.

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