SCP-XXXX: Creation By Numbers
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Item №: SCP-XXXX

Anomaly Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is currently held in the Mathematics Department headquarters at Site-03. The object is suspended in a custom-built metal frame designed to allow it to rotate freely on the horizontal axis — due to the warped perception of time experienced from within ∏-XXXX, the object is to be angled forwards no less than once per day, and the expelled contents recorded. Persons found making unauthorised excursions into ∏-XXXX will be severely reprimanded.

Numeronautical training expeditions are currently scheduled at a rate of once per month, with an additional research expedition held in the interim. No more than four persons are to be present within ∏-XXXX at any one time, to prevent collisions when exiting.



Description: SCP-XXXX is a large wall-mounted blackboard, the surface of which acts as a method of entry into a distinct plane of existence, designated ∏-XXXX. Transition occurs at the atomic level and the board exerts a linearly increasing force on objects when molecular bonds intersect, pulling items through autonomously once partial transition has occurred. No upper limit to this force has yet been found, and it has so far proven great enough to fracture all types of anchored probe used by the Foundation. Images transmitted before each probe's destruction suggest that ∏-XXXX does not possess electromagnetic radiation in a conventional form — rather than displaying a discernible location, all images have consisted of short bursts of randomised electrical transmissions. No method of returning to baseline reality from within ∏-XXXX without outside intervention1 has been found.

∏-XXXX differs from the baseline universe in that it represents a reality where the distinction between mathematical representation and physical existence is either partially or completely nonexistent. Every object, entity, or concept that exists in baseline reality is reduced to a single numerical constant upon entering, and (once inside ∏-XXXX) the numerical equivalents of sapient entities are able to produce 'objects' simply by solving the relevant system of equations, the complexity of which increases exponentially with the complexity and size of the object in question2. Once the constant is acquired, the object can be replicated infinitely with relative ease. Foundation experimentation has successfully determined the numerical equivalents of most subatomic particles, and the nuclei of both hydrogen and helium3 — current research is focusing on the derivation of both heavier elements and fundamental non-physical concepts.

Sapient entities within ∏-XXXX experience psychological needs, but not physical ones. Starvation will not occur, but hunger will; likewise, although sleep is impossible, fatigue will eventually start to affect the subject as it would in baseline reality. Perception of time within ∏-XXXX is not yet fully understood; cause and effect still hold, but there does not appear to be any standard reference frame. Post-excursion interviews with seasoned numeronauts suggest that the time experienced is greater than external time by (at minimum) one order of magnitude, and long periods of relative inactivity can extend this perceived duration greatly. Research into the psychological effects of long-term ∏-XXXX-exposure is ongoing.

Addendum: On 2011-12-01, five weeks after the original apprehension of the anomaly, the decision was made to remove SCP-XXXX from its wall and transfer it to Site-03. During this removal process the object was tilted forwards slightly, and ripples were observed forming and interfering on its front surface. These ripples eventually developed into large circular trenches, which at their peak were recorded extending several metres further back than the object's backing should allow. Three hours following the tilt, SCP-XXXX expelled the entire numerical contents of ∏-XXXX in physical form. Items recovered included the following:

  • The corpse of William Delafosse, a lecturer at the university, whose disappearance initially provoked Foundation investigation and led to the discovery of SCP-XXXX. The cause of death was determined to be self-inflicted blunt force trauma to the head.
  • Assorted stationery.
  • A leather-bound briefcase containing detailed notes on the external properties of SCP-XXXX. The earliest dated note was from 2011-10-27, suggesting that Delafosse entered the anomaly less than two days following its manifestation and discovery.
  • A Samsung-brand smartphone, powered, detailing both the gradual solving of XXXX-type equations and Delafosse's mental decline. Initial working shows that he severely underestimated the complexity of the equations, and had apparently filled the phone's onboard memory to maximum capacity several times, overwriting earlier working as the equations progressed. The minimum time that would be necessary to solve the equations is estimated to be around 850 years, assuming constant work.
  • Approximately 300,000 identical tins of Heinz Baked Beans, one of which was dented and covered in blood.

Notably, all cans were unopened on their recovery. The most recently created file on the smartphone was an audio recording of Delafosse screaming the phrase "ouvre-boîte" repeatedly, accompanied by the sound of metal striking flesh.

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