SCP-XXXX: Garden parties to which you were not invited
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Earliest known SCP-XXXX event (1908-08-25).

Item №: SCP-XXXX

Anomaly Class: Gladstone

Special Containment Procedures:1 Due to a low risk of veil breach, lack of observed hostility, and dependence on UK Government documents, SCP-XXXX is currently under surveillance by the British Occult Services. Administrative Operations Team R has been assembled to find and remove nominal errors from applicable documents, while Special Operations Team D1 is tasked with maintaining an appearance of normalcy around in-progress SCP-XXXX events. The BOS is currently granted Level-2 blanket access to SCP-XXXX-related files, with a scheduled liaison with an SCPF staff member bimonthly.

No direct Foundation containment is permitted at this time.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a recurring phenomenon affecting residential land in the British Isles. SCP-XXXX will occur at an average rate of once per month, provided there exists suitable land, and persist for between six and twelve hours. Manifestation is determined (to the best of the Foundation's knowledge) by the following criteria:

  1. The existence of a garden on the property with an area in excess of eleven square metres.
  2. The lack of any observing parties during the period of initial manifestation.
  3. Clement weather in and around the location in question.
  4. The property in question being nominally owned by an individual who does not exist, most frequently occurring through either clerical error or deliberate fraud.

An SCP-XXXX event consists of the spontaneous manifestation of up to 150 humanoid entities (dependent on available space) in the affected residence's garden, along with furniture, food, and beverages appropriate for a social gathering. All entities (designated instances of SCP-XXXX-1) will be dressed in formal attire, wear name-tags, and possess areas of smooth, darkened skin in place of the eyes, nose, and mouth2. The appearances and names of specific SCP-XXXX-1 instances remain largely consistent over repeated events; 45% of recorded names refer to known individuals who do not exist but are present on some manner of formal government documentation, and it is presumed that the remaining instances have names referring to similar, unnoticed errors.

Once manifested, SCP-XXXX-1 will begin to socialise with one another, acting as a person attending a non-anomalous gathering would be expected to. No instance has ever left the premises it manifested on. No attempt to interact with SCP-XXXX-1 has been made. Prior to Foundation involvement, there was no officially-sanctioned interaction with SCP-XXXX-1. Such interaction has since been performed under testing conditions; see below for more details.

Addendum.1 | Test Log: The following is a record of Interaction Test T-XXXX-001, performed on 1999-02-16 with permission from the UK Government. Note that such permission had been sought multiple times prior to this , but denied on the grounds of irrelevance. T-XXXX-001 was undertaken as a direct response to the discovery by the SCPF Department of Analytics of several dozen police documents with potential relevancy to the anomaly, all of which had formerly been either discounted or left entirely uninvestigated by the British Occult Services.


[##:##]: D-0667 begins to approach the residence, noting the dilapidation and surrounding refuse. They are instructed to continue.

[##:##]: D-0667 reaches the front door of the residence, which is revealed to be locked. They lay their provided case on the ground and remove the Foundation-sanctioned lock-picking equipment.

[##:##]: The lock is successfully picked. D-0667 comments on the poor quality of the lock, and on the poor quality of the residence's interior decoration. They are instructed to continue, and enter the building.

[##:##]: D-0667 reaches the end of the residence's ground-floor hallway, and opens the door to the kitchen. As with the hall and front-exterior, it is severely dilapidated, and all available surfaces are covered in a thick layer of dust and grime.

[##:##]: D-0667 approaches the kitchen window and moves to wipe it off, hesitating once they realise the depth of the covering dirt. Command instructs them to open the exterior-facing kitchen door.

[##:##]: D-0667 approaches and opens the exterior-facing kitchen door, which is unlocked. They exit the building into the rear garden, which contains 30 SCP-XXXX-1 instances, none of which notice D-0667's presence.

[##:##]: D-0667 is instructed to approach the nearest SCP-XXXX-1 instance and attempt verbal interaction. They wait for nine seconds before doing so.

D-0667: Hello?

SCP-XXXX-1A:3 Oh, goodness! A latecomer! Now, that is unusual!


Due to the behaviour displayed by SCP-XXXX-1 instances (and the potential risk to civilians), the Foundation has successfully attained duty of containment for SCP-XXXX. Special Operations Team D1 has been disbanded, with several of its members folded into Mobile Task Force 33-Foxtrot ("Social Graces")4 Administrative Operations Team R will continue to function under Foundation purview, with compliance from the British Occult Services sought where needed.

Updates to SCP-XXXX's containment procedures are pending. Once a full revocation of the BOS's Level 2/XXXX file access privileges is completed, SCP-XXXX is expected to be reclassified as Keter.

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