SCP-XXXX: Six Silent Letters

Item №: SCP-6263

Anomaly Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Via a systematic process of recruitment and termination of persons bearing SCP-62631, and the removal of references to the name from all known sources2, SCP-6263 has been eradicated in its entirety from the global populace. Foundation webcrawler I/O-MATCHPOINT is currently tracking potential resurgences of the name, and MTF-Chi-9 is searching for references as part of its standard duties.

Fifteen D-Class personnel (of whom six have been raised from birth) are currently known by SCP-6263 to monitor its long-term effects on social interactions. They are not to be given assignments with a significant risk of fatal injury, and should not be addressed by name outside of approved scenarios. See Document 6263-Tango for a list of prior given names and Foundation-assigned personnel numbers.

When attempting to communicate SCP-6263 to others, Foundation staff are advised to raise both hands (palms outwards) as non-verbal indication. Due to its detrimental presence in emergency situations, reciting the name outside of the work environment is strictly prohibited.

Description: SCP-6263 is the English given name Cannep, derived from the Anglo-Saxon root Cnoep (lit. a hill, summit, or hill top). The name is a linguistic anomaly, being pronounced with six silent letters, and memetically influential in such a way that this pronunciation is 'self-evident' to any persons with an infosusceptibility within three standard deviations of the global mean (~99.865% of the population). Full pronunciation most often takes between 1.5 and 9 seconds of silence, though abnormally long pauses (~3 minutes) have been observed in persons with nonphysical speech impediments or nominal aphasia.

SCP-6263 was first observed in 1942 as an instantaneous, global corruption of the original, non-anomalous name, which was at that point held by approximately 1.9 people per million across the English-speaking world3. Its anomalous nature possessed a mild counter-conceptual effect, rendering its pronunciation 'normal' to any persons already familiar with the original name, greatly slowing public recognition of its abnormality. This secondary effect did not persist beyond the original event.

The trigger for the original corruption, designated Incident 6263-Nascence, is currently unknown. It was placed under the purview of Dr. Storum of the Department of Memetics prior to his death in August 1957, and further investigation has since been postponed indefinitely.

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