SCP-5000: Citrus Idol (Poison Save Us)
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SCP-5668 (c. 2016)

Item №: SCP-5668

Anomaly Class: Keter (Neutralised-provisi)

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5668 is currently uncontained within the human sphere of thought. Despite this, its memory-affecting properties prevent public recognition of the anomaly, and its propagation is confirmed non-harmful to human subjects. MTF-Chi-9 ("Page Turners") is currently tasked with removing and altering literature referring to prior forms of SCP-5668 from the populace, in order to lower the risk of discovery by persons with natural memetic resistance.

Due to [REDACTED] amongst the general populace, SCP-5668 is predicted to be neutralised by 20██.

Description: SCP-5668 is the symbol of the Christingle, an object in the Christian faith used to celebrate and represent Jesus Christ as the 'Light of the World' during the winter season. The nature of SCP-5668 is memetically virulent and variable over time, shifting through thematically related concepts. Previous forms are mildly counter-conceptual, and the majority of persons will typically not remember any discontinuity. For the sake of convenience, the original form of SCP-5668 has been designated SCP-5668-א, with its current form being SCP-5668-ת. Intermediate forms have been given numerical designations.

The known stable basis of SCP-5668 consists of the following eidological1 forms and themes:

  • Fire, burning, or melting
  • Dichotomous association with winter (heat vs cold, light vs dark, etc.)
  • Stabbing or piercing
  • Shades of orange and red
  • Binding or strangulation
  • Harsh, acidic, or bitter tastes and smells
  • Otherwise harmful substances3

SCP-5668 is believed to be [REDACTED] unconfirmed. Current research is to focus on the use [REDACTED] for defensive purposes.


Bishop John Watteville, first subject confirmed infected by SCP-5668

Discovery / origin: SCP-5668 is first recorded having entered the noosphere during New Year's Eve, 1747, in the mind of the Bishop John Watteville. Although not referred to as a Christingle until late 1749, associations at that time portrayed SCP-5668-א as sharing several traits with the archetypal saviour or messiah. Initial mutations occurred rapidly within the first days of 1748, but tapered off swiftly afterwards, with alterations to the symbol subsequently occurring at an average rate of once per year.

The discrepancy in records of SCP-5668 only became apparent following the development of mnestic compounds in 1996, and it was classified as an anomaly shortly after its contagious nature was established in laboratory conditions.

Notably, Watteville's records portray SCP-5668-א as a much larger and more complex symbol, ritual, or device, invoking stronger imagery of bloodshed, war, the burning of media, and the ritual torture of the "soured flesh". Based on Watteville's incarceration and later suicide, it is believed that the spread of this form would have resulted in an MK-Class End-of-the-World Scenario. The reason for its lack of unaltered propagation amongst Watteville's peers is currently unknown. See testing record and Counterconceptual Division Casefile 5668-OH.

Abridged testing record:

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