SCP-XXXX: Meaningless

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Anomaly Class: Euclid

Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is contained in an item-storage locker at Site-34 at the centre of a containment chamber, maintaining a distance of (at minimum) 16 m between the object and the walls. Under no circumstances are any subjects to attempt to describe SCP-XXXX outside of officially certified documentation. Direct viewing of SCP-XXXX is not permitted unless for testing purposes.

Until a method of reversing SCP-XXXX's effects is devised, staff exhibiting contamination are to be quarantined, and allowed to perform paperwork administration.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a portrait of a woman. SCP-XXXX possesses two abnormalities: firstly, no viewer will be able to describe the features of the woman presented to any degree of accuracy. For all intents and purposes, the subject of the portrait will remain entirely unrecognised. While computer analysis has resulted in the confirmation of a match to the late Angela Peake, the effects are such that no resemblance has been observed by any human viewing the object.

SCP-XXXX's effects also result in an inability to use adjectives while describing the object. This extends to all text, speech, and information relayed via other media, and a limit to the range of the prohibition has not been found. Note that any documentation even tangentially related to SCP-XXXX will also be affected, resulting in difficulties across the database. Adverbs, thankfully, are still able to be used.

Addendum-1 (Recovery): The item was recovered at an anart exhibition in Hereford, England. SCP-XXXX drew comment after critics acquired an inability to comment on the quality or composition of either the object itself, or any pieces located in the vicinity. Despite confusion, SCP-XXXX was successfully recovered, and amnestics were dispensed to all who attended.

Addendum-2 (Update): The effect of SCP-XXXX has been discovered to contaminate objects located within a range of approximately fifteen metres. Three D-Class personnel are currently infected, and cannot be described using adjectives, pronouns, or prepositions. Termination requests are pending for all three.

Additionally, the containment chamber housing SCP-XXXX seems to not possess any adjectives. HMCL supervisors currently cannot rectify the situation, so the containment procedures have been updated accordingly. Research into a way to reverse the effects of the object is currently being performed.

Addendum-3 (Update): Adjectives, adverbs, proper nouns, conjunctions have lost usability. Documentation written in past retains its form, staff forbidding edits. Correlation observed: increase in1 viewers causes acceleration in loss of phrases. Trend expected to continue, researchers forbid multitudes of viewings to preserve meaning, ease documenting.

Addenda Numbered Four (Informing): Repeating words now presents impossibility. Researching teams record updates; requested cessation. Thesaurus infallibility lacking. Difficulties arise. We are tiring wracking brains, verbosity drained.

Some point majority terms decayed. Contingency plans lack coherency, recommending future incineration provided verbs failing.

Appendix (Finality (We are exhausting synonyms)): Updating with discovery: excluded from item's property are seven character strings. Reorganise on transcription. Recorded as follows:

Are, We, Cool, Now, You, Pretentious, Dicks?

Intention obvious. Anartist investigation priorities raised alongside guidelines. Potential returning artwork from whence found are seriously considered.

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