SCP-7710: The vulnerability/Our life's work
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Item №: SCP-7710

Anomaly Class: Michaelson1

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-7710 is to be contained within the sealed noospheric microcosm created by Containment Team CT-7710-Absentia, as follows:

  • All members of CT-7710-Ab possess comprehensive knowledge of SCP-7710.
  • All members of CT-7710-Ab have been selected based on a lack of prior inclination towards social interactions.
  • No members of CT-7710-Ab are permitted to converse with persons outside of CT-7710-Ab, save for the submission of containment requests to the remote HICL Supervisor, who is to be amnesticised and rotated monthly.
  • No members of CT-7710-Ab are permitted to leave their designated accommodations at their respective facilities. These facilities have been selected so as to maximise geographical diversity among CT-7710-Ab, and eliminate the possibility of physical contact.

Only CT-7710-Ab is permitted to possess knowledge of SCP-7710. No other persons are to be granted access to this document. User 7710.03 is to be referred to as God-Emperor Jacobs by his colleagues/subordinates.

Description: SCP-7710 is a collection of eidological symbiotes, knowledge of each of which informs the visualisation of the others. The knowledge of all components of SCP-7710 is an infohazardous memeplex capable of influencing human behaviour and reproducing by subtly altering artistic and linguistic expression. Over the course of decades, it is predicted that SCP-7710 would (if left unchecked) be capable of eliminating all competing forms of non-anomalous imagery, rendering humanity as a whole unable to conceive of ideas outside of SCP-7710. As the individual parts of SCP-7710 have altered since initial containment began, thus changing the ideas and imagery it spreads, it is suspected that it represents a method of weakening/opening the human noosphere to control, attack, or consumption by hostile or pseudohostile memes/memeplexes. For more information, consult [DATA EXPUNGED].


Relevant image.

Currently, SCP-7710 is known to consist of the following mental images:

  • Carrion feeders with bare, fragmented wings, circling high in the sky.
  • A wrought-iron pot containing a small, skinless child.
  • Five bloody metal spikes protruding from a forehead.
  • Tongues wriggling on a morgue slab, accompanied by canned laughter.
  • A well-kept cottage with a warm fireplace and pleasant furnishings. A woman sits in a rocking chair in the corner — she smiles, and gestures to the fire, over which sits a large wrought-iron pot.
  • A baleful and hateful five-pointed star, whose light is cold and harsh.
  • Fungal growth on the inside of one's eye sockets.
  • A dead horse's carcass festering in the moonlight. In the distance, a cottage burns.
  • Icy flames, and screaming.

Amnesticisation is capable of removing SCP-7710 from affected minds, but is not recommended due to the potential resurgence of suppressed or removed memories.

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