SCP-4768: Is.

Item №: SCP-4768

Anomaly Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Knowledge of SCP-4768 is contained within the minds of Containment Team 4768-Qua ("///"), who are the only individuals currently granted access to this document. Personnel stationed at Infohazard Containment Site-█/█ are also entitled to knowledge of SCP-4768 for research purposes, but should fill out a standard requisition form before doing so. Under no circumstances should knowledge of SCP-4768 be allowed to freely propagate.

Entities that are SCP-4768 do not require any containment on the part of the Foundation, by definition.

Description: SCP-4768 is a state of being distinct from both existing and not existing, but possessing the same level of certainty/descriptive potency as both. Conceptually speaking, SCP-4768 is identical to existing, save for the fact that entities that are SCP-4768 do not show any detectable presence within our reality; from a perspective of ignorance, SCP-4768 appears indistinguishable from not existing. The fact that SCP-4768 is not not existing is self-evident to sapient entities which know of SCP-4768, provided they know of SCP-4768 as described in the first two sentences of this description. Sapient entities who know of SCP-4768 are unable to consider the possibility that it may not possess the qualities outlined in the prior three sentences.

The moniker used to refer to SCP-4768 has no bearing on its effect — in order to reduce information conveyance, the only Foundation-sanctioned terms for SCP-4768 at the present time are SCP-4768, stase1, and stasing2. Only the former should be used in formal documents.

Discovery: SCP-4768 was discovered in 1865 from the notebooks of Florin Pvalle, an English apothecary and amateur philosopher, which were recovered from beneath the remains of Pvalle's home in Sussex, England. The notebooks, available on request from CT-4768-Q, detail various metaphysical and philosophical interpretations of the world — many are nonsensical or mutually contradictory, but all are constructed around the idea of the existence of SCP-4768.

The final entries of Pvalle's records are written in various forms of shorthand and code, including a semi-random mixture of French, Latin, and dialectal English. Various series of instructions describe supposed methods of placing objects, entities, or concepts in a state of SCP-4768. Details vary, but all require:

  • A large number of uninfluenced (eg. infant, mentally degraded, or amnesticised) minds.
  • A method of communicating to all minds simultaneously.
  • Carbon arc lighting of at least 140,000 lumens, visible to a certain portion of the aforementioned minds (exact number varies between 15 and 75%.
  • Two abstract-metaphysical construct pointers. From where Pvalle obtained these pointers is unknown, as Foundation-employed metaphysicians were not able to reliably produce them until the late 1950s3.

To-date, no completion of any set of instructions has yielded a verifiable result. See Exploration Log 4768.0.

Addendum | Exploration Log 4768.0:


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