Proposal Redesignation [URA-1011⇨SCP-8011]
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Summary: Preliminary collation of data on Unregistered Anomaly #1011, alias "Morts les enfants", proposed for full SCP classification as of 2019-01-09.

Lead researcher: Prof. I. Yannis PhD, DSCP, MFn


Primary keywords: stochastic, probabilistic, statistical, $memetic, $compulsion
Secondary keywords: film, media, infant, mortality, death, unconfirmed
Document keywords: unregistered, ura, proposed, prof-yannis, 2019, $scp, $euclid, $keter

Description: URA-1011 is a statistical anomaly observed by Professor Iain Yannis (Department of Film and Media) over the course of his studies from 1999-2017 inclusive. Simplified, URA-1011 represents an abnormal correlation between the critical reception of a film and the number of infant corpses featured in said film.

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