SCP-7643: The Path Less Travelled
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Item №: SCP-7643
Anomaly Class: Safe
Site Responsible: GBRC Site-90
Director: Liam Pvalle
Research Head: Dr. Brian Thompson
Assigned Task Force: N/A
Level 2/7643

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-7643 has been surrounded by an electrified fence, and the surrounding farmland and riverbank (designated Area-7643) has been purchased by a Foundation front company masquerading as a dairy. To deter public access, a footpath running along the opposite bank of the river is under construction, as is a bridge connecting said footpath to the other side's preexisting roadways.

No persons are to traverse SCP-7643 outside of a testing environment, and never without external supervision. Due to uncertain extradimensional properties, excavations surrounding the path are to be kept to a minimum.

Description: SCP-7643 is a path running alongside the river Wye in the city of Hereford, England. It measures ~200 metres in length, and consists of well-trodden earth with no artificial paving. Aside from a mild (type-Belgrave) psychological effect deterring nearby livestock, the path displays no passive anomalous effects.

Any human subject traversing SCP-7643 for longer than 60 seconds will be perceived by external observers as sinking seamlessly into the ground, as if walking down a steep slope. This occurs regardless of proximity; subjects walking the path in groups will see those around them descend as they continue walking, and vice versa. No geological disturbance occurs during this process, and the point at which it transitions from hallucinatory to translocational is unclear. The subject will continue onward, perceiving no abnormalities until they have progressed more than 50 metres past the point of descent.

From this point onward, subject will be inflicted by a type-Belgrave+ psychological effect preventing them from returning along SCP-7643 or deviating from it1, citing intense paranoia and a sense of unspecified taboo. Various effects will then be observed, including:

  • The darkening of the surrounding environment.
  • The subject being able to walk SCP-7643 well beyond its external point of termination.
  • Vegetation along the edge of SCP-7643 becoming increasingly dense, so as to completely obscure the environment on either side.
  • An increase in ambient temperature and humidity, frequently causing subjects to remove one or more layers of clothing2.
  • An increase in the quantity of airborne insects surrounding the subject.

These effects will grow more intense as the subject continues traversing SCP-7643, with the latter increasing disproportionately (to the extent that subjects will eventually find themselves wading through a continuous mass of insects). This frequently causes asphyxiation among subjects; in the cases where it does not, they will inevitably find themselves pressing up against a solid barrier of insect biomass.

No subjects who progress to this point have been located, and no biological remains have been recovered. The fate of these subjects is unknown.

Addendum.1 | Log of test conducted 1998-06-12:


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