SCP-7070: This Way Down
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Diagram of SCP-7070's containment chamber. Doors are marked in red, windows in blue.

Item №: SCP-7070

Anomaly Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-7070 is contained in a windowless cubic chamber at Site-90, fitted with multidirectional ladders along each face to aid staff movement. Access to the containment chamber is available only through a series of two sealed corridors; in the event that one or both corridors become affected by a Digamma Event, SCP-7070 is to be relocated to its primary chamber immediately, the doors are to be sealed, and no further action is to be taken until the anomalous effects have ceased. If SCP-7070 causes a Digamma Event outside of its chamber, members of containment team CT-7070 ("Plumb-bobs") are to enter the area and retrieve the object, mitigating casualties and infrastructure damage where possible.


SCP-7070, resting on baseline ground.

Description: SCP-7070 is a yellow freestanding warning sign, with "CAUTION WET FLOOR" written in both English and Simplified Chinese. SCP-7070 is provably non-anomalous in composition, though damage and alterations are spontaneously repaired during Digamma Events; its origin, and that of its anomalous effects, are unknown.

Digamma Events occur semi-randomly1 at an average rate of once per day, and consist of SCP-7070 instantaneously translocating itself to another surface of the room it resides in2, as well as the redefinition of the concept of "ground" to a plane tangent to said surface, intersecting the base of SCP-7070. The result of this redefinition is that any discrete object or entity within the same room will no longer be affected by baseline gravity, and will instead be forced violently towards the new ground until some portion of it makes physical contact, at which point gravity will (for the object/entity in question) act with normal strength in the skewed direction. This effect will cease once the next Digamma Event begins.

If SCP-7070 is in a space with a volume larger than 120,000 m33 it will translocate to the nearest room of sufficient scale. Breach from a Foundation site is therefore unlikely, as is the risk of a δK-Class Constant Reassignment scenario.

Addendum | Internal Incident 7070-001:4

On 1996-08-13, at 8:45 pm, Technician Charlie Leefeld of CT-7070 was dispatched into SCP-7070's intermediary chamber in order to examine the cause of water leakage in the corridor's ceiling. During this process, they were observed to slip and fall against the door to the primary chamber, damaging the observation port significantly in the process. Leefeld was rendered either dazed or unconscious for a short period, after which they made their way to the other end of the corridor and proceeded to begin unlocking the exit door.

At this point, SCP-7070 triggered a Digamma Event, and Leefeld was pulled away from the door and towards the redefined ground; in this case, the selected surface was the wall directly opposite the door to SCP-7070's primary chamber. Although security cameras were at this point pulled from their housings by the anomaly, it is likely that the intermediary corridor was absorbed into the area of effect due to the damaged door.

Over the following four hours, Leefeld was forced through the mesh viewing window of SCP-7070's chamber (pictured), returning to standard gravitational attraction once a portion of their small intestine made contact with the opposite wall. During this time they documented the event at length, and repeatedly urged containment staff not to enter the anomaly due to the risk of a similar outcome.

At 7:05 am the following day a second Digamma Event triggered (reassigning ground to the ceiling), and CT-7070 were able to relocate SCP-7070 to its chamber, repair all damage, and collect Leefeld's remains. Leefeld has since been posthumously censured for violation of Site-90's health and safety guidelines, and the relevant leak has been patched. The incident is considered closed; no alteration to SCP-7070's containment procedures have been deemed necessary.

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