SCP-5XXX: Those Other Penguins
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Item №: SCP-5XXX

Anomaly Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures:

Description: SCP-5XXX is the combined designation given to all birds of the family Sphenisciforms (penguins). SCP-5XXX are physically non-anomalous, and individually pose no threat to normalcy or danger to humans.

SCP-5XXX can be divided into two groups (designated 5XXX+ and 5XXX- instances) which mutually annihilate on contact, producing a large burst of gamma radiation1. Aside from this property the two groups possess no identifying features, rendering them entirely indistinguishable. The annihilative property does not extend to non-living penguin tissue such as discarded feathers, eggshells, or carcasses, nor to penguins who have not reached sexual maturity — for the sake of convenience, these will be designated 5XXX0.

Groups of SCP-5XXX instances are clustered by type in the wild, with individual flocks being composed almost entirely of members of one group. Penguins ##

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