SCP-XXXX: J. Arthur Egg, inventor of the egg
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One of many eggs retrieved for study alongside SCP-XXXX.

Item №: SCP-XXXX

Anomaly Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is currently contained within an SHCC at Site-90. It does not require or desire food or human interaction, but is amicable when approached, and willing to acquiesce to demands; security is therefore to operate on a low-risk rota. SCP-XXXX has requested one (1) egg per diem for 'research purposes' — these are to be provided via the standard food delivery hatch. Since no eggs have ever been recovered and SCP-XXXX produces no waste, its cell does not require cleaning more than once every six months.

Description: SCP-XXXX is J. Arthur Egg, a middle-aged male human and the self-professed inventor of the egg. It appears to be biologically healthy, and has not aged significantly since its containment — SCP-XXXX attributes this longevity to the beneficial effects of eggs, despite not requiring (or being provided with) nutrients.

When prompted, SCP-XXXX is capable of producing any documents necessary to confirm or support its claims, up to and including birth certificates, academic qualifications, and patent records for eggs and various egg-related concepts and devices. SCP-XXXX possesses slightly below-average intelligence, but demonstrates an encyclopedic knowledge of the physical and chemical structure of eggs, as well as their supposed 'production' methods — these methods vary wildly from telling to telling, and are invariably incomplete and nonsensical. SCP-XXXX possesses no knowledge of any avian lifeforms, nor the capacity to retain any such knowledge beyond the short-term.

Addendum: ##


[The lights in the containment chamber flicker on momentarily, illuminating SCP-XXXX crouched at the far side of the room]

SCP-XXXX: Come here. Closer. I have something to show you.

[The light directly above SCP-XXXX activates, and it turns around, holding up an unidentifiable object. Its surface is iridescent, and it appears to possess a nonstandard geometric shape, extending through multiple dimensions and twisting as SCP-XXXX rotates it]

SCP-XXXX: Isn't it beautiful?

[The light flickers again, and SCP-XXXX smiles, revealing several rows of avian teeth. Visual distortion surrounds both its face and the object in its hands, both of which take on a mottled brown colouration. SCP-XXXX licks its lips]

SCP-XXXX: It will be my greatest work.

[The light loses power and visual connection is lost]

<End Log>


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