SCP-XXXX: The Keter Mine
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TERMINAL A2-004 [SCiPNET v3.2.2]


T:\>cd mainlist

T:\Mainlist\>search keter

Results: SCP-015 — Pipe Nightmare, SCP-017 — Shadow Person, SCP-020 - Unseen Mold, SCP-029 — Daughter of Shadows, SCP-035 — Possessive Mask, SCP-047 - Microbial Mutagen, and 460 more…

T:\Mainlist\> search * --title keter

Results: RAISA-10763 (GUIDE: KETER), SCP-XXXX — The Keter Mine, and 0 more…

T:\Mainlist\> searchmatch 1

Retrieving file RAISA-10763 (GUIDE: KETER)

File retrieved. Loading…

Item №: Object Class: Keter

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Object Class: Keter is to be applied sparingly to anomalies under the Foundation's purview. Persons wishing to apply the object class to an SCP file should submit a RAISA "Limited Inforesource" Request form, and are advised to only do so if absolutely necessary. In emergency scenarios, Level-4 personnel may be granted permission to bypass this system and apply Object Class: Keter as circumstances demand. Misuse of the class is punishable by demotion.


Object Class: Keter in standard usage.

Description: Object Class: Keter is the Foundation object class signifying highest containment-difficulty, and implying moderate threat to the veil protocols and human life. It is superseded in terms of severity only by esoteric classes (see file: RAISA-02012), and was the first class to be implemented, originally signifying a file pertaining to an anomaly that posed "real and imminent threat to personnel or civilians" (as determined by the Overseer Council at that time). Definition has changed over the course of the Foundation's development, and many older files still refer to outdated usages (see file: RAISA-91039 for archived definitions and 'legacy' procedures).

Prior to 1988-07-01, Object Class: Keter was entirely non-anomalous. Following that date, the class became inextricably linked with the corpse of Dr. Hermann Keter (see file: SCP-XXXX), after whom it was named. It now possesses the following properties:

  • An anomalous effectiveness when used to convey danger, urgency, and difficulty.
  • A marginally increased rate of memetic transfer from documents using the class to said documents' readers, resulting in slightly more rapid comprehension of Keter-class SCP files.
  • An inability to be applied to Foundation documents arbitrarily (see file: SCP-XXXX for details of the Object Class: Keter manufacturing process).
  • A permanent place within the Foundation classification system. Attempts to cease using the class have resulted in an inability to successfully convey concepts such as 'extremely difficult to contain', and replacement test-classes (Trial1, Randomday, Xu, and Derleth) are unable to be interpreted except when subject to intense examination over a period of hours.

T:\Mainlist\> close

File closed

T:\Mainlist\> searchmatch 2

Retrieving file SCP-XXXX

File retrieved. Loading…

Item №: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: ##to do##

Description: SCP-XXXX is the corpse of Dr. Hermann Keter, currently located 200 metres beneath Area-2. It is largely intact (with a total volume of around 1,200 m3 as of 2019-04-30) with the exception of a portion of the cranium, which has been excavated by Foundation-led mining team Echo-Echo ("King's Own") .

##to do##

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