Malice's Characters

Name: Dr. Micheal S. Forth

Role: Foundation ectoentropologist assigned to SCP-2794 up until 2001.

Notes: Currently trapped in an infinite cycle of life and death within SCP-2668. Escaped briefly for a period between 2003 and 2042. Sorely missed by those who knew him, and especially by his granddaughter Alice.


Name: Dr. Alice Forth

Role: Head of the Retcon Division of the Foundation's Department of Temporal Anomalies, later Director for Research Site Tau.

Notes: Instrumental in the creation of MTF Eta-Then and the prevention of the creation of MTF Russel-9. Childless, and divorced by mutual agreement.


Name: Agent Richard "Dick" Miguel

Role: Field Agent specialising in the resolution of temporal anomalies and general timeline repair. Former leader of MTF Rho-5, and later member of MTF Eta-Then. Currently freelance, enjoying his retirement around 1999.

Notes: Jokingly referred to as a quantum mechanic. Not actually that nerdy, but fairly intelligent and very stubborn. Has died more than once, and appears younger/older than he is/isn't.


Name: Agent Four-B-Mortise

Role: Specialised Field Agent. Under Foundation employ in return for his continued protection from the rest of the CotBG.

Notes: Fully mechanical, with the exception of some of the brain, musculature around the heart, and a small amount of connective tissue. Does not need to breathe. Considered Type-E personnel, which the Foundation can use to revoke any and all of his privileges at any time. Hiding from the CotBG, which he joined as a teenager because he found the idea of being a robot oddly alluring — he fled after the topic of forced brain modification came up. Sarcastic and fairly cowardly.


Name: Researcher Samuel Lloyd

Role: Foundation memeticist and part-time HMCL supervisor.

Notes: Dabbles in a lot of different areas and anomalies, which is only heightened by his… multiversal connotations. The last man alive in any given universe.

Pages: See here.

Name: AE-4856-1, Mr. Flat/Blunt/Blurred

Role: Tall, emaciated figure in a grey suit. Unknown motives. Unknown allegiances.

Notes: Immune to causality violations and paradox. At some point was found by an unnamed organisation, and various iterations of him have since been used as an all-purpose employee; he's been branched, split, rewritten, overwritten, created and killed more times than it's possible to count. May have some vestige of lingering personality, but if he does it's buried under eternities of temporal modification. Expressed pleasure over the "interrogation" of Thad Xyank, and was once heard to tell a joke.






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