SCP-7643: PG Restructuring Events
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Research and Containment Site Tau.

Item №: SCP-7643
Anomaly Class:  
Euclid Keter
Site Responsible: DTARC Site-τ
Director: Dr. Alice Forth [iter4 bra2]
Research Head: Melvin Chauce
Assigned Task Force: N/A
Level 2/7643

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-7643 is contained in a standard deep-storage vacuum cell at Research and Containment Site Tau, with conductive earthing rods affixed to the walls and ceiling. The object is to remain under permanent surveillance, and at least two sites equipped with Scranton Box technology are to maintain detailed records of all negatively-presented historical figures. Following each kappa event, deviations from the baseline are to be submitted to RAISA for analysis.

Under no circumstances is SCP-7643 to be physically altered. Since its causal event chain involves a near-constant overwriting of the timeline, inflicting damage to the object prior to 2100-01-01 could result in a PT-Class Paradoxical Breakdown Scenario between 1966 and the present day. Alterations after this point are to be forbidden for the same reason; see Discovery for observed retrodependencies. On 2100-01-01, SCP-7643 is to be guarded by no fewer than 20 members of personnel, and Site-τ is to be placed on high-alert for the 12 hours either side of the date.

Excavation of Site-τ's deep storage is underway. No further non-routine containment action is predicted to be needed.

Description: SCP-7643 is the preserved corpse of Walter Elias Disney, mounted upright on a freestanding circular base. SCP-7643 is missing its head and both hands, and maintains a constant external temperature of -73.33°C (exactly -100°F) despite ambient conditions. The knees, elbows, hips, and shoulders have been replaced with hydraulic joints; its thoracic cavity has been excavated, and its internal organs replaced with a range of electronic components. Although SCP-7643 is capable of autonomous movement, it does not respond to external stimuli. A seven-segment display on the front of the base decrements by one every second. It has been determined it will reach zero at 12:00 Pacific Standard Time on 2100-01-01. The significance of this date is unknown.

At irregular intervals (average 18 days, standard deviation 45 hours), SCP-7643 will undergo a kappa (κ) event — raising its arms, convulsing, and discharging a high-voltage electrical current from its neck and wrists. The event typically lasts for around 25 minutes, and culminates in a CKt-Class Restructuring Event, altering the personality, actions, or physical characteristics of a single historical figure. A full list of the results of κ events — as determined by exclusionary archival systems — is available from the Records And Information Security Administration on request; an abridged list is included in Addendum.1. No κ event has ever caused a significant change to the course of events in the standard timeline, aside from a difference in media referencing the figure in question.

Discovery: SCP-7643 was recovered in 1966 from the personal residence of Mr. Disney, following reports of both the disappearance of his body from Glendale Crematorium and the layers of ice forming on the inside of the building's windows. It was surrounded by tools, stacks of frozen organic tissue, and a partially-disassembled Temporal Distortion Engine1. A note was affixed to SCP-7643's lapel, reading as follows:

World of Tomorrow? we'll try it this way
sorry about the mess.

martys idea…

Initial questioning revealed that SCP-2805 apparently had no knowledge of the existence of SCP-7643, and it has since denied any interest in the pursuit of time-travel or temporal manipulation in any form. PoI-2805-001 (Martin Sklar) was put under covert surveillance until his death on July 27, 2017, but showed no connection to any anomalous organisations or phenomena. The individual(s) responsible for the creation of SCP-7643 remain unknown.

Addendum.1 | Abridged list of κ events: The following is a record of notable κ events, and their effects. It is not a complete list; given the nature of SCP-7643, and the sporadic usage of Scranton Boxes throughout Foundation history, there are multiple suspected alterations for which there exists no tangible evidence.

Subject affected Notable alterations
Edward Teach No record of any attempt to harm or coerce those under his employ. Evidence suggests subject relied on reputation and image rather than force; prior to κ event, subject was not a known figure beyond being one of many pirates operating around the eastern coast of North America.
Genghis Khan Subject was renowned for charisma, and had hundreds (potentially thousands) of wives and lovers — no references to rape appear in accounts of subject's actions, and many under his command express a great deal of love and respect for him.
Amir Timur Most information removed. Essentially reduced to a 'background' character in the history of Iran — while war conducted under subject's rule is still notable, torture and unnecessary violence is not. Conquest no longer thought of as exceptionally brutal by most historians.
Bartolomé de las Casas No information exists of subject pre-κ event. Potentially given notability to fulfil niche of 'historical persons advocating for the rights of indigenous people'.
Moctezuma I Social reforms implemented by the subject centred around education and the improvement of the infrastructure of Tenochtitlan; now famous for gardens and aqueducts. Segregation based on social rank is still present, but to a lesser degree. Aztec empire now the centre for a Walt Disney Company feature film, with subject portrayed as a sympathetic character. Current evidence suggests human sacrifice was a relic left over from previous rulers; it is mentioned briefly as a comedic aside in the aforementioned film.

Addendum.2 | Incident-Kappa-Nought: On 2100-01-01, SCP-07643 was placed under increased security and surveillance as scheduled. No abnormal action was observed until 12:00 PST, at which point the SCP-07643 raised both arms and vibrated intensely. SCP-07643's torso then split radially into eight segments, hinging up and fanning outwards, revealing a complex electromechanical device held together by a network of stitching and desiccated muscle fibre. This device activated, releasing an intense burst of high-frequency EM radiation, at which point surveillance was lost.

High-speed imaging immediately prior to the burst recorded all persons in and around Site-τ undergoing rapid physiological changes, including (but not limited to):

  • Elongation and/or shortening of the spine and limbs.
  • Alteration of facial features (eg. widening of ocular sockets, deformation of nose, increased development of cranial fat).
  • Hair loss/growth.
  • Rapid sloughing and replacement of skin.

In ~90% of cases, persons displayed a resemblance to a known historical figure, and in 32% of these the figure in question was known to have been affected by a κ event at some point in the past. All persons disappeared immediately following their alteration, which took between 150 milliseconds and 2.4 seconds to complete.

Three hours after the disappearance of all Site-τ personnel, the emergency containment team (headed by Mobile Task Force Epsilon-11 ("Nine-Tailed Fox")) arrived to find the site's lower levels filled with several thousand human corpses, matching both physically and genetically the subjects of various κ events. All instances had been terminated by a circular puncture wound piercing the forehead and extending through the skull, and displayed burns consistent with prolonged exposure to gamma radiation.

SCP-07643 has continued to undergo κ events since this incident, suggesting the date acted/acts/will act as a temporal focus for the anomaly. The number of corpses recovered from Site-τ has retroactively increased with each subsequent event; although SCP-07643's containment chamber has been reached and cleared of biological debris, the full excavation and decontamination of the site is expected to take at least several months. Based on the number of individuals removed from Site-τ, between ████ and █████ further κ events are predicted to take place.

Due to unpredictable behaviour, continued temporal influence, and the anomaly's potential covert replacement of any number of persons throughout history, SCP-07643 has been reclassified under legacy class Keter.

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