SCP-XXXX: Bovine Intervention
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SCP-XXXX in Ngong Ping, Hong Kong, prior to Foundation containment.

Item №: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is contained in a specially-constructed subterranean pasture at Site-041, sealed by two separate sets of three-factor authentication. Only personnel with a confirmed lack of prior involvement with any religious groups are to be stationed at Site-041, and screened monthly for loyalty to groups and organisations beside the Foundation.

In the event that a containment breach is attempted by a high-status public figure, a story describing the event is to be distributed on various satirical and fictitious news sites, embedded with a concealed memetic agent delivering a Class-E amnestic trigger.

Description: SCP-XXXX is an adult female cow (Bos taurus), subject to an anomalous compulsive effect that renders it intensely desirable to a random selection of religious authority figures in a radius of ~700 kilometres. An average of six persons are affected at any one time, and the compulsion can range from an unspecified longing to a immediate and overwhelming desperation. In ~22% of cases, the subject (designated S-XXXX) will be granted accurate knowledge of SCP-XXXX's location.

Once in possession of SCP-XXXX, S-XXXX will be compelled to use it as the focus for a ritual, performance, or prayer, usually one commonly practised by members of the subject's religion. If SCP-XXXX is not removed from their possession, S-XXXX will experience a sense of euphoria, tranquillity, and deep spiritual fulfilment; over time, this feeling will extend to all nearby persons with similar religious beliefs, with the area of effect increasing proportionally to the intensity of feeling.

Save for its horns (which are normally absent in females), SCP-XXXX possesses no physical anomalies. It is abnormally docile, and has not aged or fallen ill since initial containment. When left to its own devices SCP-XXXX will alternate between sleeping and grazing, and it has never been observed defecating. Milk harvested from SCP-XXXX is non-anomalous, but counts as a non-specific religious fluid under most circumstances.

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