SCP-7117: The Old Man The Boat
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Item №: SCP-7117
Anomaly Class: Keter
Site Responsible: XUCM Site-90
Director: Tobias Buchanan
Research Head: Martin Fox
Assigned Task Force: Chi-9 ("Page Turners")
Level 4/7117


SCP-7117 under construction (January 2016).

Special Containment Procedures:

Description: SCP-7117 is the HMS Antanaclasis, an Astute-class submarine first launched by the Royal Navy circa 2007. The vessel disappeared entirely ~4 hours after launch (along with its temporary crew and several persons involved with its development), and has not yet been recovered. All written records of the anomaly's construction were similarly removed.

Any textual descriptions explicitly and accurately referring to SCP-7117 will function, in whole or in part, as the portions of the vessel they describe. By way of example, a passage referring to a door will allow a subject reading it to enter SCP-7117 at will, while a similar description of the onboard reactor provides up to 30 megawatts through cables connected to the paper. The descriptions (designated instances of SCP-7117-1) will only manifest anomalous effects if they are legible, written entirely in British English, and largely or entirely grammatically correct. Only one instance of SCP-7117-1 can refer to a portion of SCP-7117 at any one time — additional descriptions will cause the text to quickly lose all informational content1 and physically degrade over a period of days, with collateral damage dependent on the medium. For this reason, any SCP-7117-1 instance referring to SCP-7117 as a whole will prompt the destruction of all other instances — see Protocol Zeugma for more details.

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