SCP-XXXX: Balloon of Pseudo-Scotus
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Image of SCP-XXXX, captured by weather balloon.

Item №: SCP-XXXX

Anomaly Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The chamber containing SCP-XXXX has been layered with containment-grade plating and sealed, accessible through a concealed entrance in a staff-only area of Salisbury Cathedral. The balloon has been covered with a blue, camouflaged fabric, and all flight paths coming in proximity have been redirected. Public reports of SCP-XXXX are to be suppressed whenever they emerge.

Safe-class secondary anomalies produced by SCP-XXXX are to be contained in as many standard containment lockers as is applicable. Anomalies with higher classifications may be subject to alternative documentation and special containment procedures.

Description: SCP-XXXX is an ovoid region of space ~25 metres in length, simultaneously located in a chamber below Salisbury Cathedral, England, and at an altitude of ~36,000 metres above the building. Viewing the space from any direction will give the appearance of a clear blue sky, regardless of objects behind it or external weather conditions. SCP-XXXX is empty save for an immovable, indestructible hot-air balloon1.

Due to being simultaneously in two positions, and possessing only one location, and therefore not being in either position, SCP-XXXX represents a physical manifestation of a logical contradiction. Persons within SCP-XXXX are capable of distorting baseline logical reality by extrapolating from this contradiction, in-line with the logical principle of explosion2. This extrapolation often occurs unintentionally or subconsciously, and prolonged exposure causes an exponentially increasing quantity of secondary anomalies caused by contradictory axioms.

Following 1966-06-12, incursion into SCP-XXXX has possessed a 100% fatality rate among human subjects.

Testing: Formal testing of SCP-XXXX's properties began on 1966-06-11, after a series of incursions by civilians and preliminary containment staff (and the subsequent containment of resultant anomalies). A log of all tests attempted to-date is included below:

Date: 1966-06-11

Test Summary: D-0088 extended a long metal pole into SCP-XXXX, on the end of which was mounted camera equipment and a small releasable payload outfitted with GPS.

Test Outcome: Camera footage was normal until it passed the boundary of SCP-XXXX, at which point it began to display the views from within the chamber and from the high-altitude balloon simultaneously. Persons observing the compromised footage were able to extrapolate safely without triggering additional anomalies, suggesting a limit to the principle of explosion's effect in baseline reality. The payload was deployed, and fell simultaneously from both locations — it was recovered shortly thereafter, and is currently being stored in two separate containment lockers.

Date: 1966-06-12

Test Summary: Agent Garvey entered SCP-XXXX via a gangplank laid from the floor of Salisbury Cathedral to the basket of the balloon. They were instructed to formulate the idea that they existed in two places at once, observe the results, and leave SCP-XXXX without making any further deductions about the nature of reality.

Test Outcome: Agent Garvey entered SCP-XXXX, but did not proceed with the test, instead turning around as if startled. They then nodded slowly and combusted violently.

A variety of scenes were then observed by monitoring personnel, including:

  • Flames engulfing the balloon
  • The sky within SCP-XXXX rapidly switching from night to day, and to an unidentified third state
  • The balloon being replaced with a burned-out wreck of itself
  • A colossal metal pole outfitted with camera apparatus emerging from the distance
  • The sky being replaced with the interior of Salisbury Cathedral
  • Furniture on the balloon spontaneously rearranging
  • The sky being replaced with smoke, fire, and rubble (identified as the remains of Salisbury Cathedral)
  • O5-01 seated at the balloon's writing desk, surrounded by an unquantifiably immense pile of paperwork related to possible exploitations of SCP-XXXX
  • An unidentified man in business attire falling from the balloon, as if pushed

All scenes occurred simultaneously, and their significance (if any) is as yet unknown. Following the conclusion of this event, Agent Garvey has been seated at the desk with his head in his hands, unmoving.

Date: 1966-06-12

Test Summary: D-0088 was provided with a nonlethal electroshock weapon and was instructed to enter SCP-XXXX and retrieve Agent Garvey.

Test Outcome: Immediately after entering SCP-XXXX, D-0088 was replaced with an instance of Agent Garvey's corpse, which subsequently combusted. The sentence "Boys. Boys. This one's not worth the hassle, boys" was then heard in Garvey's voice from an unknown source.

Identical outcomes have occurred on all subsequent attempts by a human subject to enter SCP-XXXX, with slight variations in the content of the spoken message. The actions of Agent Garvey have been classified an O3-Class Ontological Shift, and Garvey himself has been designated permanently MIA and posthumously reprimanded.

No further testing of SCP-XXXX is believed to be possible at the present time.

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