SCP-XXXX: Amnesty
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Item №: SCP-XXXX

Anomaly Class: Safe (Thaumiel)

Special Containment Procedures: All Safe-Class IUDEX anomalies are to be requisitioned for SCP-XXXX testing, in order to ascertain the limitations of the associated effects. Based on the information gained from audio-functional IUDEX anomalies, SCP-XXXX-1 are advised to consider their options carefully prior to their death.

Knowledge of SCP-XXXX is classified below security level 4. Knowledge of the [REDACTED] hiring procedure is classified below security level 5.

Description: SCP-XXXX is the SCP Foundation's lack of theological responsibility or culpability for any actions, either undertaken by the organisation as a whole or by its high-ranking representatives (currently limited to the O5 Council, Departmental heads, and Site Directors of category-1 facilities). To date, no persons or entities under the scope of SCP-XXXX (referred to as SCP-XXXX-1) have been held responsible at a metaphysical level for any actions performed either during or prior to their employment, regardless of morality and/or religious taboo.

Discovery/Significance: SCP-XXXX was identified during the testing of SCP-XXXX-ARC, the first registered IUDEX anomaly1 and a holdover from Her Majesty's Foundation for the Secure Containment of the Paranormal.2 An excerpt from SCP-XXXX-ARC's original documentation is included below:

The object, preſented to us as a pair of braſs ſpectacles wit lenſes of abnormal Thickneſs, is knoewn capable of obſerving alle manner of Demons and creatures beleived to be either Falſe Angels, or the meſſengers of the LORD Himſelf. Their creators, if indeede they have them, are Unknoewn.

Essentially, SCP-XXXX-ARC allowed the user to observe Tartarean, Empyrean, or otherwise ethereal creatures which were present invisibly within said user's line of sight. Notably, if a person of Christian3 faith was observed in the period immediately following their death, SCP-XXXX-ARC users would view the deceased's spectral form being accosted by either a Tartarean or Empyrean entity of variable shape, followed by the demanifestation of both (presumably to their respective afterlife).

The target of the experiment in question was William Fritz, the first Administrator of the SCP Foundation, who was deemed terminally ill due to an acute respiratory infection. Despite Mr. Fritz dying of natural courses during the course of testing, no entities manifested to claim his spectral form for approximately two hours following his death. After this, two entities — a registered Tartarean and a previously unregistered Empyrean — manifested simultaneously, and began conversing with Fritz for ~20 minutes, at the conclusion of which he grasped the hand of the Tartarean. Both descended from view, and the Empyrean ascended shortly thereafter.

The contents of the conversations were not recorded due to SCP-XXXX-ARC not functioning in an aural capacity, though both ethereal entities appeared both aware of, and angered by the presence of, SCP-XXXX-ARC. The word 'agreement' is believed to have been mentioned multiple times, as were 'contract' and 'restitution' — the SCP-XXXX-ARC user was not trained in lip-reading practices, so this is unconfirmed. Although SCP-XXXX-ARC was destroyed in a raid on Facility 2 some decades later, observations conducted with alternative IUDEX anomalies have revealed similar results (differing dependant on the deceased's religion or lack thereof). An abridged list is available in Document XXXX-1, with a full record in [REDACTED].

Addendum.1: [REDACTED]

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