Long Shadows
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The Gist:

The world is teetering on the edge of darkness. The Foundation is small (but still global) and powerful (but with less ability to use anomalies). Containment breaches are more widespread, but less likely to end the world. The anomalies themselves are poorly understood, but not as dangerous; think abstract horror instead of magic and gods. The universe, in general, runs on the theme of darkness to which humanity is not privy, without any overarching eldritch guidance or plan — our reality, truth be told, is a strange and hostile place.

You want to write in it? Think back to the times when an anomaly was a sculpture in a cell, or a strangely humanoid racoon, or a patch of confusion in a laundry room in Pennsylvania. Now, take those ideas, and run with them. Run faster. Try not to get caught.

The protocanon as a whole is more of a general theme than an actual setting, but everything within it should be internally consistent.


  • Site-90, a research facility located in The Green Places of England, outside conventional reality. A red-brick and wrought iron building that still shows signs of being a holdover from the British precursor group. Contains a fair few anomalies, but is more shut off from the outside world than your standard Site.

SCP Articles:

  • SCP-4177 — 50% Off
  • SCP-4517 — Not Very 𝒩
  • SCP-4617 — Selfish Preservation
  • SCP-4668 — Since I Left Me
  • SCP-4766 — My Beautiful, Beautiful Son
  • SCP-4977 — The lucidity of young William Kleiger
  • SCP-XXXX — Six Silent Letters
  • SCP-XXXX — Garden parties to which you were not invited
  • SCP-XXXX — The 51st Royal Numerical Regiment
  • SCP-XXXX — Arachnolongevity


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