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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX broadcasts are to be monitored and tracked.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a phenomenon affecting Liberty County in Florida. Approximately once every six months, a poor, lower-class individual will unexpectedly disappear. The exact nature of disappearance is unknown, as no victims have been under observation during a disappearance. SCP-XXXX was first recorded in 2017, and has currently resulted in the disappearance of 4 individuals.

Approximately four to five weeks following the initial disappearance, a radio broadcast will appear on a local radio frequency. The exact frequency varies from broadcast to broadcast. Each broadcast, if left to play uninterrupted, will last roughly one hour to one hour and thirty minutes. Each broadcast consists of a game show highly reminiscent of American quiz show Jeopardy!. At the beginning of each broadcast, the host will welcome listeners to another episode of "award-winning radio program Leopardy!".

Addendum: This broadcast was recorded on DATE.

Audio Log Transcript


Looped audio of a studio audience clapping and laughing.

Host: Welcome, dear listeners, to another episode of the most circulated radio show in the United States, Leopardy!

Applause from the audience.

Long: Oh Christ, my fucking head…

Host: Let's meet tonight's contestants! First up, we have an up-and-coming methhead from Lake Mystic, Christopher Long!

Long: Wh — Who are you? Where the fuck am I?

Host: Due to an unfortunate scheduling mistake, we'll only have one contestant tonight. Unfortunate, but let's see our categories! Tonight we have: Leopards, Leopards, Leopards, Leopards, Leopards, and… Leopards! You're up first, Chris.

Long: Are you insane? Get these fucking cuffs off me!

Host: Sir! This is a nationally syndicated program! If you keep utterring words like that, I'll be forced to call security!

The sound of yowling is audible.

Long: Is that.. are those pumas?!

Host: (agitated) They're LEOPARDS! How much more obvious can I make it?! Now pick a goddamn category!

Long: I — I'm sorry, just keep them away from me. I — Leopard. For $200.

Host: (calm) Good choice! Your clue is: This animal's spots are referred to as rosettes due to their resemblance to a rose. Clock stars now.

Long: Um - shit, is it a leopard?

Host: Is it so fucking hard to phrase it like a question? IS IT THAT FUCKING DIFFICULT, CHRIS? Do you want to get up close and personal with Felix and Trebek?!

Long: W - who?

Host: Who the fuck do you think?! Fine. Goddamn it. That's what you get.

Long: OH - oh god, please, no, I'll do anyt-

Host: You had your shot. Blew it and ruined my show too. Asshat.

Screeching and yowling increase in volume.

Host: Feeding time!


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