Item #: SCP-CKW

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-CKW is kept within a standard Safe lockbox, placed at the bottom of a 30 m vertical shaft in Site-31's lowest floor. This area is not to have any temporary or permanent doors leading to it.

Any new entrances to SCP-CKW-1 are to be secured and sealed with concrete immediately after discovery.

Description: SCP-CKW is a polished brass doorknob. When SCP-CKW makes contact with a door door-like structure, it will affix itself to the surface of the structure as if attracted by magnetism. Once affixed, the structure can then be opened by simply turning SCP-CKW, regardless of preexisting doorknobs, locks or obstructions that would prevent this.

Opening a structure using SCP-CKW leads to a pocket dimension, designated SCP-CKW-1. The nature and size of SCP-CKW-1 vary depending on the specific portal used; the interior walls of SCP-CKW-1 are usually similar in composition to the material of the portal.

Addendum CKW.2: In an attempt to explore SCP-CKW-1, exploration specialist D-11424 was deployed to map out the pocket dimension. D-11424 was provided with a standard communications, a backpack with one day's worth of rations, and a tether mounted in baseline reality.

critiquers: mayoculpa, rumetzen, PeppersGhost, DarkStuff, MaliceAForethought

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