Caroll #007: The Fishes
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RAISA FILE: Group of Interest [DEFUNCT]
GOI-001: Chicago Spirit


{Carroll 007: The Fishes}


Carroll 007: The docks where they keep coming back.

{Where We Keep Them}

We don't really keep them anywhere in particular, They just keep coming back to the docks. We don't think they get out of the river all that much. Every day, right when the sun goes down, they show up and start thrashing 'round the edge of the pier. If we keep feeding them, they'll keep coming back.

{Who Knows about them}

Everyone. Everyone of us, every copper, every rum-runner. Hell, even most of the citizens know about these damn things. But they probably don't have a good idea of what they really are. That don't matter though. They know you're up shit creek if you're ever introduced to them, and that's what matters.

{How To Use Them}

First, you need to prepare the chum. You're going to want to empty their system. Doesn't matter how, we just want to make sure we ain't throwing something toxic in the water. Strip them down too. Everything. Even their piercings. The boys don't like metal in their grub.

Make sure you chum the water with a few fingers and an ear before you throw the whole body in. Lets our boys get used to the taste before they dive in. One time, Cartwright dumped a Puerto Rican in whole after we'd been feeding them blue-bloods for a week. We had to clean up man-chunks that night so no one would see them floating around in the morning. It was the only time the fishes ever left anything over of their food, and we're pretty sure it led to the one special case we ever had with these things. So, let the boys adjust to the chum.

When you throw them in, make sure that you weigh the chum down with a cinderblock or something. Don't want your food floating back up to the surface.

Lastly, make sure you don't look in the water while you can hear the bubbles. Yes, the bubbles are big enough that you can hear them pop, and no, I don't know what chow time looks like, but I know it ain't normal. One of the first times we went out to do it, one of the new recruits looked in the water during chow time. Nothing happened to him at first really, just a lot of licking his lips. Then he was biting into his own lip, "just to see how it tasted". Chappell tried to stop the kid after that, but couldn't. He jumped in and we never saw the kid again.

{How We Found Them}

Chappell used to have a thing for fishing. He doesn't do it much anymore, mostly because he doesn't have the time, but boy did he love just throwing his line out into the river and just praying something bites. Did it on Sundays mostly, because the docks were empty when everyone else was off at services. He only ever caught one real fish. It was a tiny 6" bass.

But back before the Spirit got into today's business, Chappell reeled in something real strange on his line. It was big too. He thought he caught a big fish for once.

He still has trouble describing what he pulled out of the water, but it definitely wasn't what we'd normally call a fish. He doesn't like describing the damn things. Apparently it just hurts to think about, so don't even ask.

After Chappell's curiosity wore off, the fear kicked in and he just dropped the whole rod in the water and the thing just swam off with the hook still stuck in it.

{When To Use It}

Here's a list of offenses that earns some sorry sap a nap with our fishes. We got one-strikes and three-strikes. If you rack of three strikes then, well I guess you've earned yourself an evening with the fishes.


  • Missing a delivery
  • Taking some of the inventory for yourself
  • Asking Chappell about the fishes
  • Reckless communication (AKA unintentional snitching)


  • Killing one of us
  • Snitching
  • Feeding the fishes without permission
  • Telling Cartwright that the Puerto Rican washed back up
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