An Ex
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The following file was found while clearing the hard drive of Dr. Damien Werner, and is kept on the Foundation Database as per the request of the Foundation Human Resources Department.


Object Class: Still kind of getting over it.

Special Containment Procedures: I try not to think about it too much. Like, I'm ok, but I guess I still sort of miss her. I've accepted that this is all my fault. Now I'm just looking for someone else. Getting out more, going to more social events. You know, the usual. Jared says I should try Tindr, but I'm not sure I'm comfortable with that.

I should also probably get tested but that's a different problem.

Description: SCP-XXXX-EX is my ex-girlfriend Jamie. We were a thing for about a year. It felt pretty easy, since we worked at the same site and all. Spent a lot of our time talking about work and board games. I still can't get over how hard she kicked my ass in chess. I think our record settled at 16-2-1. But then again, she was the clever kind of smart. You know, the smart that showed up both in her intellect, but also her humor.

She's about 170cm tall, and I never asked for her weight. She has brown hair, and hazel eyes to match. We used to work out in the mornings together, usually running side-by-side on the treadmill. We'd usually laugh at how they probably added the in-facility gyms just so we could practice running in case of a containment breach.

I was going to propose to her, but never got the chance.

Discovery: We met during an orientation seminar on compulsion effects. We were the only two people who didn't take any of the complimentary snacks, which were apparently laced with tranquilizers. So, while the rest of the class fell asleep under the simulated "exhaustion compulsion", we both just looked at each other in confusion. We started talking after that, and well, one thing led to another and I guess we became a thing.

Addendum SCP-XXXX-EX-1: Below is a timeline of events that occurred while we were together:

Date Event Memories
09/16/2017 Orientation First time we met
09/18/2017 First day fully on the job Saw her in the department, and asked her out to lunch. Somehow got her number.
10/31/2017 Site-19 Halloween Party Shared our first kiss. She was dressed up as Elphaba from Wicked, and I had on a Goku costume.1
12/02/2017 Our first chess game I won, but in retrospect I think she let me win.
12/31/2017 Foundation New Year's Party The first time we slept together. I know I was a little drunk. She might've been too, but honestly I don't remember it too clearly now.
02/04/2018 I met her parents They were very nice people. Her mom works as an editor for a small newspaper, and her dad builds bridges. I think they liked me then, although they probably hate me now.
02/14/2018 Valentine's Day I got to work before she did and hid roses in every drawer of her desk.
02/17/2018 Containment Breach They never told us what anomaly it was, probably classified. It was the first time I ever worried about losing her.
04/23/2018 Vacation to Costa Rica It was just the two of us. Costa Rica was beautiful. Spent a lot of time hiking in the rainforests.
06/09/2018 Assigned to the same project. First time we ever worked together directly. It was fitting, since the anomaly had a compulsion effect. I don't think HR knew we were dating.
07/15/2018 Stalemate Only time we had a stalemate.
08/22/2018 Containment Breach I don't remember any of it, but it was my fault. I don't think anyone was hurt… at least I hope not. They never really told me.
08/23/2018 We broke up. See Addendum SCP-XXXX-EX-2

SCP-XXXX-EX-2: The following is a transcript recorded by Foundation security cameras of when Jamie broke up with me.

<Begin Log>

I walk into the office, just having gotten out of the medical ward. I walk up to Jamie, who is sitting at her desk.

Me: Jamie! You're alright! Thank god, I was so worried. I remember we started testing on our project and then everything went fuzzy…

Jamie does not respond.

Me: Jamie? Hello? Is everything ok?

Jamie: Can you just, not right now?

Me: I'm sorry… did something happen during the breach?

Jamie: You really don't remember?

Me: No. No I don't.

Jamie: Ok. Come outside I— I don't want to say it in here in front of everyone.

Jamie leads me into the hallways and looks around to make sure no one is listening.

Me: So… what happened?

Jamie: Well, you know how the anomaly we work on has some sort of compulsion effect?

Me: Oh… I did something terrible didn't I?

Jamie nods.

Me: What did I do?

Jamie: You uhh… god this makes me uncomfortable.

Me: Please just tell me!

Jamie: Ok fine! You said… you said chess was for losers who have a Vitamin-D deficiency.

Me: What?

Jamie: And then you said that my mom was prettier than I was and you wanted to, and I quote "hit that like a super sayain."

Me: Are— are you sure?

Jamie: Do you want to see the footage of you cursing me out before galloping toward the exit like some sort of fucking knight?

Me: But that wasn't me though! It was the anomaly!

Jamie: You see, that's my problem. We haven't done enough research to know if it just makes you act like a complete fuckwad or if it just makes you speak your goddamn mind.

Me: You don't believe me then?

Jamie: I don't know. Should I? Because you've now both told me you love me and that I have my dad's face. And it just— I don't know if I keep talking to you after that.

Me: Oh…

Jamie: I've asked for reassignment. I'll be out of here in a week.

Me: I— I see.

Jamie goes back to her desk. I just stand in the hallway.

<End Log>

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