Coffee And Tea Brainstorming


GoIs Premise Notes
CotBG x Fifthism God is a Mechanical Starfish SCP revolving around mechanical starfish limbs?

SCP: I kind of like the idea of having the SCP take place after a failed attempt at ascension. So like, they find some sort of large mechanical device that is the remains of effectively a "Fifthism Computer". We could use some kind of classical CotBG imagery, but we can lean on the Maxwellist side of it.

If we really want to kind of follow in the footsteps of previous "big fifthist" articles… we could try to incorporate a "How To" book. It'd be like one of those books that teach you how to program, but it's written for programming in this sick and twisted combination of fifthism and Maxwellism.


SCP 1: fairly normal desc/log/book. the description focuses on this large-scale computer, gives a sense of scale and unpenetrated mystery, that whole jazz. the exploration log focuses on Researcher+MTF being sucked into these different mysteries (I thought maybe one of them gets disappeared at the end, and in the next iteration, the same things happened but that guy was never there? idk). the book reads like a maxwellist writ, talking of the need to create WAN. the reader thus gets a sense of this as a conventional Maxwellist anomaly, but with some weird shit going on.

Terminal anomaly 1: as you suggested above. The reader tries some commands, begins getting to grips with this Maxwellist-esque computer. Gets into the readme, and we hit them with the fifthist reveal. shit gets kicked up a notch. We also get the hint about connections to the outside, raising the stakes.

SCP iteration 2: things repeat, but differently. the fifthist influence is clearer now, both in the description and the logs, and it's designed to disconcert and seem somehow not-meshing-right. The log seems similar at first but the MTF members/Researcher gradually realise that something's wrong (and maybe that someone's not there who should be). reality starts deconstructing around them; they realise, despite the odds, that everything revolves around a central, inner chamber. the book, meanwhile, reads more like a blend of maxwellist writ and fifthist manual, blending biblical tech-based religiosity with self-help stuff.

Terminal iteration 2: Setting up the transcendence, importing packages and compiling. Clearly the reader is becoming more fifthist. perhaps something at this point is where we get the idea of the starfish as the "movement" to WAN's "stasis"; to give more of a philosophical backing to this stuff.

SCP iteration 3: The anomaly's description, though not wholly fifthist, is very much a maxwellist-fifthist hybrid. God is here a mechanical starfish, and the document itself now seems more corrupted. the log sees only the Researcher there, and reality very quickly bends and breaks this time and the dude is able to enter the inner chamber. in it, he sees shades/burnt corpses/smth of that ilk, with Mekhanite and Fifthist alike preserved in the moment of their transcendence, horrified at how well it has worked and realising that this isn't what they really wanted. he sees a light and heads towards it, the log cuts out (or smth like that), and it becomes clear that he's the one who's been doing the updates/terminal stuff. the book entry is talking directly to the reader and reads like a fifthist manual entirely, referencing WAN &c but tonally v. different.

Terminal iteration 3: the reader ascends. the reader is hit with the full idea that everything is WAD, that fifthism is what was necessary for the machine's function, and that it has spread into the internet. Hell has been let loose &c. Dun Dun Dun, setting up the tale.

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