Nuclear Family Gears and Gears

Addendum SCP-XXXX.3: prologue here

<Begin Transcript>

Gears: Afternoon

SCP-XXXX-45: Afternoon Dr. Gears.

Gears: Do you know where you've been recovered from?

SCP-XXXX-45: It was a haven for both of us, was it not?

Gears: A haven? I would not call cryogenic storage a haven.

SCP-XXXX-45: It is preferable to my alternative.

Gears: Our researchers estimated you would have worked for the Foundation for an additional twenty three years before retiring.

SCP-XXXX-45: According to your daughter, I was going to eat myself alive in two years after being exposed to an anomalous broadcast over the radio.

Gears: I must correct you, but I can assure you that whoever contacted you was not my daughter.

SCP-XXXX-45: Is this not your home dimension?

Gears: She did not come from here. We don't know where she came from, yet.

SCP-XXXX-45: I see.

Gears: Additionally, do you know how your kidnapper would have known of your early death?

SCP-XXXX-45: To be frank, I am unsure myself. But as I was gagged and bound at the time, I was not in a position to inquire further.

Gears: You trust her?

SCP-XXXX-45: Well, she is one of our daughters. Maybe not yours, or mine, but someone's. And I know that I raised my Allison to be honest with her parents.

Gears: I assume she told you that the facility you were being stored at was a haven?

SCP-XXXX-45: And that we would be let free once she knew that everything was safe.

Gears: And you believe her?

SCP-XXXX-45: My daughter wouldn't lie to me.

Gears: I see. That will conclude this interview.

<End Transcript>

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