Note-At-The-End Syndrome
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On 04/13/2018, this file was flagged for review by the Division of Information Integrity.

Review Status: Incomplete

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the difficulty in confirming SCP-XXXX instances, all suspected instances are to be stored alongside their corresponding anomalies.

Transcripts of unconfirmed SCP-XXXX instances are to be placed at the end of the files of their associated anomalies, as the accuracy of the information they contain may be misleading.

Description: SCP-XXXX refers to a phenomena whereby notes, journals, or other written documents are found during the investigation into an anomaly. These documents (hence SCP-XXXX instances) attempt to elucidate or explain some aspect of the anomaly under investigation at the time. The accuracy of SCP-XXXX instances cannot be corroborated, and the authors of SCP-XXXX instances cannot be contacted, and their existence cannot be verified.

Addendum XXXX.1: The following is a list of SCP-XXXX instances without an SCP file to record them in, and are transcribed here in the interim. Each record contains an abstract describing the anomaly, a transcription of the SCP-XXXX instance, and notes from Dr. Mackey1 have been recorded alongside each SCP-XXXX instance to provide further context.

Designation: URA-78862

Affected Anomaly: URA-7886 is a deck of Bicycle brand playing cards, lightly worn from use. When URA-7886 is used in a game of black-jack, the dealer will always deal themselves black-jack.

SCP-XXXX Instance: The following is a transcript of a letter recovered alongside URA-7886:

I heard you were having money problems, so I decided to help in my own little way. I know you're not much of a gambling man, but trust me, you won't be taking much of a chance with this deck. It's set up for black-jack, but if you need texas hold 'em or maybe just five-card draw then mail me back and I'll work something up. It's the least I could do.

Mackey's Notes: We haven't been able to track down who owned the deck, or who wrote the note. We found both in the lost-and-found of an apartment complex. Both the anomaly and the note in the lost-and-found. We aren't sure which tenant it actually belonged to, or if the tenant is even there anymore. But even more confusing, is why would they throw out the letter along with the deck of cards? Why would they even throw out the deck if they needed it to make money?

Designation: URA-1402

Abstract: URA-1402 is an abandoned house located outside of Whitefish, Montana, USA. When moisture forms on the windows of URA-1402, it condenses to take the shape a variety of knives.

SCP-XXXX Instance: The following is the transcript of a note found within SCP-XXXX during the investigation of the anomaly:

You know, they say a butcher's work is important in a small town like this. Someone has to prepare the meat for everyone else, or else it's bread and veggies for dinner. I was just doing my job, right?

Well, I'm not sure if doing my job is an excuse for all the innocent lives I've ended. What did the pigs or the cattle ever do to us? Nothing. Yet I led the lambs and slaughtered them too.

I guess I should apologize. I've committed some evils and now I need to remedy them. So, up I go.

-Jim Geardly

Mackey's Notes: We tried to ask the people who owned the land where URA-1402 was located on if they noticed anything weird about the house or its last tenant. They couldn't recall ever having a tenant by the name "Jim Geardly" in any of their houses, least of all the abandoned one. That one hadn't been sold in decades, long before the current landlords owned it.

We tried to look up the name in the town's records, but we couldn't find the name there either. We found a list of the people who ran butcheries in the town, but none of them were named Jim Geardly either.

I'm personally having a hard time believing that an authentic letter would be this legible even though it's supposedly older than the town records.

Designation: URA-4410

Abstract: URA-4410 is a group of 10 quadrupedal entities approximately the same size as sheep, that consist entirely of amalgamations of beer bottles. URA-4410 instances are capable of aviation via an unknown mechanism.

SCP-XXXX Instance: The following is the transcript of a note found wedged between two beer bottles of a URA-4410 instance:

Have you ever wanted to get drunk, but ran out of beer? Do you live far away from a liquor market or a bar? Are your Saturday nights sad and alone?

Well be sad on Saturday night no longer with Beer Barn! Our specially designed alcohol carriers will fly the beer straight to your house!

Don't wait! Call 555-341-BARN today!

Mackey's Notes: I don't understand this one at all. What company would try to advertise themselves by just… sticking fliers on the product you've already bought? And why would this ever be an effective way to transport beer? You can't even dislodge the bottles without hurting the creatures (we think, they acted hurt at least).

We called the line, but it was dead. How convenient.

Addendum XXXX.2: The following is a note that was found on Dr. Mackey's desk on 04/12/2018 regarding SCP-XXXX:

I think I've figured it out. I mean, I can't say for sure, but then again we can't confirm anything so we can never be sure. And that's all this really is, just a lack of certainty.

Sorry, let me step back for a moment. Us humans, we have a hard time just accepting things that don't make sense a lot of the time. There's a part of everyone that will beg to ask the question "why?" when we're confused. And a lot of the time, at least for the general public, there's an answer to that question. So, if we think on it long enough, we'll find it.

But for us, and for our anomalies, the answers are usually nowhere near as clear, and may not exist all together. We think and we think and try to come up with a "why", but if that answer doesn't exist then our brains don't know what to do with it. And then, if you get enough people trying to find a "why" all together, just digging and digging… what if… just what if…

The universe tries to satiate that hunger for "why" for us?

On the other end, we're just left with these letters and notes that we can almost comprehend. They give some semblance of sense. Just enough so we back down from our questioning, and keep scratching at a surface that we'll never dig through. The notes are there for us. And only us.

So now, I have a question other than "why" that needs to be answered.

Does this makes sense? Or does this make too much sense?

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