Infinite Layers of MALL

This is the SCP which inspired mr eel to exist so there's that claim to fame.
This is spooky horror shit >:U
Also I'll use this SCP as an excuse to use the nu theme (if I still can??????????)
finish draft by April 6th you nerd
recommended listening, perhaps:

need me some names (xxx, xxx) I suck at names
come up with fictional town name (state: Michigan)
cut out adrian he provides nothing to the story
I need to expand on the existential bullshittery in the last note but not now for I'm uninspired

Item #: SCP-xxxx

Object Class: Neutralized

Special Containment Procedures: will do later

Description: SCP-xxxx is an abandoned mall located in (location), formerly known as (name). Although largely non-anomalous, the staircase which supposedly leads into the basement instead leads into a slightly earlier version of the mall1. Said duplicates appear to be infinite, yet are slightly more degraded with each level. After descending approximately 40-50 levels, the mall becomes too degraded to support life. Lower levels appear to be lacking in detail and have high levels of visual and auditory noise.

When a sentient entity descends at least 20 levels down, various things and entities start to manifest. The effect is more pronounced in lower levels, often resulting in the mall being highly distorted from its original appearance.

==> if someone were to dig under the mall there is nothing of note
==> there is never a staircase upwards, only down

I'll add detail here later once the thing's more fleshed out.

Incident xxxx-1: (will refine later, maybe put logs in a collapsible though that certainly means I'll need to flesh out the description) Obscure internet blog, directly correlated to a disappearance of 3 people, here is what was retrieved:

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