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this page is a work in progress please stand by

Only I can scream here, no one else, if I catch you screaming I'll punt you into the void and I doubt you would want that. :V

I like retro, birds and giant robots.

Fun Hawks Facts:
☞ Is reportedly a bird, an eel, a tv man, and at times a steve
☞ TV man hot
☞ Thinks dabbing is a powerful force (it's not)
☞ Bill Cipher did nothing wrong!!
☞ Chaotically Gay/ Lawful Chaotic
☞ Denies the existence of LCD TVs
☞ Thinks retro stuff is cool
☞ Is very into Vaporwave, probably is Vaporwave
☞ Probably resides in a void, but no one can confirm that
☞ Most definitely not from this universe, might pose a threat
☞ Big gay energy, also known as "gaynergy" is known to surround him
☞ Claims to be able to control "the static", whatever that means
☞ Oh no I think I know what he meant by that
☞ Oh fuck
☞ No I'm not affiliated with the Nautilus what the fuck Hawks
☞ Anyway…
☞ Back to the fun facts!
☞ There appears to be only one…
☞ Alistair Hawks does not exist

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