Good Job, Guys!
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Good Job, Guys!

This is All Kind of Confusing

When you get into the world of the Unusual, it all gets very confusing, because there's a "multiverse", whatever that means. Well, Wilson's Wildlife Solutions isn't the same across all timelines or universes, as one might imagine, but this here Tim Wilson remembers things a very specific way, and so he'd like to give you a rundown on how things are here in his Wilson's Wildlife Solutions.

So here's all the people I know and how I know them, and how all these events went down, the glad and the sad and the happy and the bad alike. Take it as you will.

Supervisor Relationship

The Supervisor Site-64

Site-64 (I wonder how many more Sites there are?) is a place that houses our Supervisors! We know they are a bigger organization than just this site, because we've had them tell us of people they report back to, and that's pretty crazy. I can't imagine a place so big reporting to an ever bigger one!

But either way, we have to report back to them every month! We've signed an agreement, the Boring Agreement, that lays out our relationship, but, like its name implies, it's pretty boring. So, I'll summarize for you folks…

Basically, when there's a real big problem, I, a liaison (or two) from my organization, the captain of the Castaways, any two other agents (s)he would like to bring, and the Board of Directors at Site-64 sit in a committee and discuss the issue. There aren't many rules for these meetings except etiquette on how to let one person talk at a time. Between us, I just sit around and doodle until a conclusion is reached.

Smaller issues only require email correspondence, or to be addressed like everything from the monthly report is addressed (either not at all, or the Castaways are given some orders and if we really disagree with their orders then we take it to the committee). That's the short of it, pretty much, and the rest of it talks about how we have to vet our volunteers (the Supervisors has a database on all "civilians" who still know of the magic and mystic of the world and who they allow and don't).

Simple stuff like that.

The Castaways

The guys who follow us around! At our headquarters, the Castaways have their own conference room where they hang out all day, and they share our supplies (as well as supply their own stuff for our collective use). They are our direct link Supervisors and if anything needs immediate attention they will report it right to them. They're also super helpful!

If we need some help capturing a critter or if they think something is going to be a little dangerous, they back us up. Sometimes they even help with mundane things just because they're nice! If stuff gets really serious, the current captain of the Castaways is basically at equal power with me, Tim, unless I take it to committee of course. Usually the captains are nice.


Cast of Characters

The Wilsons

Alice Wilson
My wife, mother of Anders and Robin. She runs a gift shop in Boring, Oregon, and now she actually runs tours (Boring seems to have gotten more popular since Wilson's Wildlife was founded!). She's a regular Wilson's volunteer, but not a true blooded employee.

Faeowynn Wilson
My oldest and only daughter — though she hasn't always been — and the second runner of Wilson's Wildlife Solutions. She took up the job after I, uh, died somewhere around 2024. Before then she was a great help already, it was only natural for her to take the helm. Great with numbers, good with people!

Anders Wilson
My second eldest and Alice's first! He went to veterinary school in San Diego, so knows Audrey well. Came back and is a dedicated employee at Wilson's Wildlife Solutions. Calm, knows a lot about sewing and makes clothes as a hobby.

Robin Wilson
The youngest Wilson, and my second child with Alice! He's extremely empathic and puts others before himself, but he's just a little hot-headed. He studied environmental science and is a dedicated employee over at the Center!

Tim Wilson
The founder of Wilson's Wildlife Solutions himself, it's yours truly! You've heard enough about me, though.

The Other Actors

Nandini Chandra
Dr. Nandini Chandra's life was relatively simple before she was brought on (by myself) as the head of the Veterinary Department. She used to work at the Oregon Zoo in Portland, helping out whichever animals needed a hand when they needed it. Though she knows her work is stressful, she always manages to find a bit of time to read a noir novel. She's quite fond of the work she does now with these strange and unusual animals; it's as if she's part of a mystery herself!

Feather Fanucchi
Regular field worker and critter catcher. Writer of action reports and eater of baked goods, Feather's known for her quick thinking and alliterative name! She and Chickadee really helped suss out that fast food crow scare, too.

Audrey Fuchs
My first wife, a veterinarian down in San Diego I met when we were both in veterinary school. Mother to Faeowynn Wilson. As far as I know, she never remarried another man or had any other children. Diagnosed with Leukemia in her 40s.

Sarah Gardner
Afraid of birds, but loves our little six-legged and eight-legged and no-legged friends. Bugs and Sarah go hand in hand like Wilson and wildlife! Our local entomologist and arachnologist, she's known for her relationship with the friendipedes and her need to be shielded from a certain fast food joint.

Gary Harp
Gary holds one of the most important jobs around here… being the phone guy. Incoming calls? Gary handles it. A business having to be called? Gary handles it. Any phone call related business that isn't on a personal level, Gary handles. Gary's busiest week must have been the fast food crow attacks, but he's been having at least one thing to do every day fairly consistently. Thank you Gary! Also, brother of Chickadee.

Justin "Chickadee" Harp
Birdwatcher and bird enthusiast, Chickadee is one of our most frequent volunteers. He never has to be here, but he's always happy to! Lets him visit his brother Gary pretty often, so it works out for everyone. He often tags along with most things we stick him to, but his biggest assignment was probably going and getting those crows under control with Feather.

Alex Molina
Alex is really handy to have around, especially since he knows so much about phones and computers and such. This young man has a lot of love for his friends and coworkers and is currently spearheading the recovery program of a very special critter. This might not matter too much, but I'd also like to let it be known that Alex has one fine mustache. He's also real keen on Fae!

Roger Olivera
Roger is a mighty fine volunteer with a lot of gumption and heart, but his busy schedule keeps him restricted to feeding times. He doesn't seem to mind it too much and has even taken a liking to some of the critters. He doesn't get along too well with Maya, though.

Daniel Stanford
At the time I'm writing this, Daniel is one of our newest volunteers. Having just moved to Boring from out east, he's a little naive about the going on's! But this hasn't stopped him from trying his hardest to help out, even if it sometimes makes things worse. Daniel's first critter wrangling assignment was a success and cemented himself as a reliable volunteer.

Albert Westrin
Old Al is one of the oldest volunteers, both in age and seniority. He doesn't have any degrees or any real expertise, but he's just really dang good with the critters, and that's all we can ask for sometimes. He's also a tough old nut! Old Al's beaten Cancer twice and he's not letting Arthritis slow his volunteer work down. We look forward to having him with us for so long as he's able to.

Additional Lore / Information

Terminology / Unusuality Scale

Supervisors: Who others may know as the SCP Foundation. We call them the Supervisors because that's what they do for us. They supervise. Until the Boring Agreement was drafted and signed, they were very secretive about their name and function, so we had to have something to call them until then. Supervisors stuck.

Actors: In any story, there are Actors. When we tell stories, usually through documentation, we call everyone involved Actors, and say who they are and what their role was. We needed some uniform name for everyone that wasn't "agents" and "civilians", because that felt too heavy.

Enclosure: Anywhere we keep animals is an enclosure, no matter what it is. We have "enclosures" which aren't even enclosed, like the area we try and keep Caddy confined to!

Unusuality: Before the Supervisors told us of their way of classifying things, we just called all the weird things we encountered unusualities. We then had our unusuality scale, which was a fairly subjective offhand representation of just how weird we thought the thing we were encountering was. The scale, from least unusual to most unusual, is below:

Barely Unusual Slightly Unusual Straight Unusual Pretty Unusual Very Unusual

Formats / Document Types

First, something about all our documents. Most of them are contained on paper, because we like having physical copies of things. These ones are pretty barebones — white with black text, devoid of most of our signature colors and formats. We actually only started keeping anything online when the Supervisors allotted us a corner of what they call SCiPnet to use. It's supposedly all secret, and it lets them feel safe 'cause they're able to look at all we have going on! It's honestly very handy, and that's when we felt we wanted something nicer looking than black and white, so we gave our documents an imbuing of our signature mint greens and browns. Thank you, Supervisors!

Critter Profile: A little summary of the information we have on any given critter in our care, unusual or not! They tell us the names of the critters, their diets, their unusual and usual properties, and a bit of their history both in and out of our care!

Action Report: We used this in our encounter with the Fast Food Crows. It basically outlines a situation and then how we reacted. If people ask "what happened when blank", and it was a fairly important thing, we can either explain verbally or we can fish up the action report that likely exists for such a scenario. We keep most of them for posterity.

Correspondences: When we feel it necessary, we record some interactions between people. Often we don't feel it necessary, and instead the Supervisors do, but it's not that hard to record email chains or transcribe phone calls, so there's not much to complain about. Plus, we get it. They want to know what's going on.

Oh, and also, this is not an extensive list. We make document types when necessary, and we have some formats we just don't use very often.

Timeline of Important Events

In chronological order:

  • 02/29/1956 | Tim Wilson is born in San Diego, California
  • 10/24/1977 | Tim Wilson marries Audrey Fuchs at age 21
  • 01/01/1978 | Felix Wilson is born to Audrey Fuchs
  • 05/30/1982 | Tim Wilson divorces Audrey Fuchs
  • 06/05/1982 | Tim Wilson moves to Boring, Oregon at age 25
  • 04/10/1984 | Anders Wilson is born to Alice Özdemir
  • 02/14/1984 | Tim Wilson marries Alice Özdemir (now Alice Wilson)
  • 11/08/1986 | Robin Wilson is born to Alice Wilson
  • 10/25/1995 | Felix Wilson officially comes out as Faeowynn Wilson
  • 01/20/1997 | The predecessor to Wilson's Wildlife Solutions, Wilson's Wildlife Shelter, is founded
  • 11/08/1997 | Wilson's Wildlife Solutions is founded
  • 04/24/2008 | Faeowynn Wilson moves to the west coast to support Audrey when she gets diagnosed with Leukemia
  • 06/21/2008 | The Ursus Maritimus Incident prompts the creation of the Boring Agreement, signed on this day
  • 01/01/2013 | Audrey Fuchs dies of Leukemia, Fae moves back to New York a week later
  • 09/08/2017 | Faeowynn Wilson gets a job as an accountant at Wilson's Wildlife Solution after quitting her job in New York
  • 07/12/2024 | Tim Wilson dies of a heart attack

Now, see, I don't rightly remember anything past this… I guess that's what happens when you die, right? But, here it all is! My legacy!

Well, that just doesn't seem right. I can't tell you all there is to know about Wilson's if I don't know it. If I'm dead, there has to be someone to tell this better than me. Let's see… Audrey…? No, err, my dear Alice? Ah, she's sweet, but she's as old as I am. Am? Was? Was. No, I need someone young, someone involved, someone to carry the torch in my absence.

Ah, ah yes. I know who!

Fel — no, Faeowynn, she can tell this story. Listen to her well, she's never been very good at summarizing things. You're just going to have to hear her out.

Take It Away, My Darling

Book 1: Stories My Dad Told Me

Book 2: Stories I Tell Myself

Chapter 1: Tim & Alice Had a Daughter Named Fae
Chapter 2: TBA
Chapter 3: That Spirit Lives In You
Chapter 4: TBA
Chapter 5: TBA
Chapter 6: TBA
Chapter 7: TBA
Chapter 8: TBA
Chapter 9: TBA
Chapter 10: TBA
Chapter 11: TBA
Chapter 12: TBA
Chapter 13: TBA
Chapter 14: TBA
Chapter 15: TBA
Chapter 16: TBA

Book 3: Stories I'll Tell My Kids

Chapter 1: Fae Had a Child Named Wilson's
Chapter 2: TBA
Chapter 3: TBA
Chapter 4: TBA
Chapter 5: TBA
Chapter 6: TBA
Chapter 7: TBA
Chapter 8: TBA
Chapter 9: TBA
Chapter 10: TBA
Chapter 11: TBA
Chapter 12: TBA
Chapter 13: TBA
Chapter 14: TBA
Chapter 15: I Love You, Dad
Chapter 16: I Love You All

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