Gabriel Jade's Sandbox

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to remain attached to 4kg of plastic explosive configured to detonate in the event that it is accompanied by no members of the O5 council. At least one member of the O5 council is to remain within arm's reach of SCP-XXXX at all times.

Amount of multiple redundant backup detonators and explosive used high enough to be probabilistically less likely than a new universe spontaneously coming to exist with the O5 coincil alive and well.

Reality anchors within the containment chamber ensure no greater than 0.001% Hume fluctuation from Absolute Normalcy.

The Food Network has been infiltrated by MTF-pun, and

Description: SCP-XXXX is a xyz brand tv perpetually tuned to the Food Network. Item displays no unexpected or abnormal effects upon viewers.

SCP-XXXX displays no abnormal resistance to damage. Hume testing confirms item is incapable of warping reality. Item is suspected to alter probability.

Attempts to cause the item to stop displaying the Food Network invariably fail.

the 'logic' behind the con procs is: it is impossible for the explosives to go off because the tv would stop displaying the food network. Therefore, it is not possible for a every member of 05 command to be incapacitated at once since at least 1 of them has to stay with the tv. Additionally, the food network is not capable of going out of business.

in short 1: so long as the television is on, the O5 Council will never be entirely incapacitated, and 2: so long as the O5 Council isn't entirely capacitated, the television will always stay on

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