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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: No effective method of containing SCP-XXXX has been identified. Foundation Artificially Intelligent Conscript TSATPWTCOTTTADC.aic is deployed to locate and alter all digital images and video footage containing SCP-XXXX with Class-F visual amnestics.

MTF Omicron-88 ("Witch's Tit") is to track and monitor SCP-XXXX in order minimize unauthorized exposure to non-Foundation personnel. Additionally, Omicron-88's responsibilities include:

  • administering regional air traffic controllers under the guise of local military authorities in order to maintain a 5 km buffer zone around SCP-XXXX.
  • coordination with local emergency and disaster relief services in order to minimize civilian casualties during an Inquiry Event.
  • investigation into the identity of POI-846218 "Maxine".1

Description: SCP-XXXX is a roughly 3 km long tendril of flesh, visually identified as an ovary with free-hanging Fallopian tube. SCP-XXXX is capable of flight at speeds observed up to 75 km/h, and typically remains at a height of roughly 10 km.

SCP-XXXX constantly remains at the center of a severe snowstorm with wind speeds in excess of 90km/h. Visibility impact due to snow, combined with the extreme wind speeds render attempts to intercept or engage with conventional aircraft and munitions impractical and likely impossible.

Addendum XXXX.1: Discovery

SCP-XXXX was first sighted emerging from the Darvaza gas crater in Derweze, Turkmenistan on 4/20/2000. Foundation assets arrived on-site roughly 9 hours following reports of initial manifestation. Extensive wind and ice damage were found present within an estimated ~4km radius of the crater.

Ashgabat local Gulshat Abdulov was recovered sheltered within an overturned truck near the initial manifestation point. The following interview was conducted following Mrs. Abdulov's extraction to Site-75 and recovery from acute hypothermia.

Interviewed: Gulshat Abdulov

Interviewer: Researcher Alexander Grant

Foreword: Mrs. Abdulov's responses have been translated from Turkmen to English for the purpose of this log. Interview takes place within Mrs. Abdulov's room within the Site-75 medical wing.

[Begin Log]

Researcher Grant: Good afternoon, Mrs. Abdulov. How are you feeling today?

Gulshat Abdulov: I'm feeling much better today. My foot doesn't feel like pins and needles are in it anymore. And look!

Mrs. Abdulov withdraws the sheet from her lower body to reveal her legs.

Gulshat Abdulov: The blue tinge has gone away! Thank you all so much for helping me.

Researcher Grant: You're very welcome, ma'am. Perhaps, if you're feeling up to it, I could ask you a few questions about the blizzard that caused this.

Gulshat Abdulov: I… Yes, of course. Well, it wasn't an ordinary blizzard.

Researcher Grant: In the middle of the summer, certainly not. But we have reason to believe there's more to it than just unseasonably cold weather. Did you see anything else out of the ordinary?

Gulshat Abdulov:

<End Log, [optional time info]>

Closing Statement: [Small summary and passage on what transpired afterward]

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