Varaxous 3

Item #: SCP-001

Object Class: Thaumiel

Special Containment Procedures: Access to SCP-001 is restricted to

Description: SCP-X is the earth equivalent situated within AU-X. Physically, SCP-X is abnormally large, having a radius approximately 696,000 km long, almost exactly that of a baseline sun1. While other large earth equivalents have been found in the exploration of other realities, none of them have been as stable as SCP-X.

SCP-X, despite its large size, does not exhibit the gravitational pull a mass that large would be expected to. Additionally, all fauna found on the planet are roughly equivalent to the baseline equivalent. Weather patterns on the planet are often random and do not conform to baseline measurements. Instead, biomes tend to be scattered randomly through out the planet, regardless of their position relative to the equator.

From an astronomical perspective, SCP-X possess 14 large continents and over 50 smaller landmasses. Due to its size, however, the estimated number of island-like landmasses is in the tens of thousands.

Formerly, a large number of civilizations were present prior to Foundation intervention. While most of these civilizations were human, many of them ranged in technological advancements. Due to the size of SCP-X, many of these civilizations have never interacted with each other, leading to many large pockets of highly differentiated cultures.

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