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Reality Designation: 001

Earth Status: Habitable, Extremely Favorable

Method of Entry: Methods of entry into AU-001 utilizing traditional Way technology and rituals has so far proven to be impossible. Through the use of Dimensional Relay Hooks, however, AU-001 is has been shown to be easily accessible.

A permanent access point has been established at Site-73. Currently, the point is able to be opened to a maximum 14 meters by 14 meters, allowing planetary rovers and small satellites through. The exit point is currently located approximately 145 km from the surface of the planet.

Earth Description: Physically, the planet is abnormally large, having a radius approximately 696,000 km long, almost exactly that of the Baseline Sun. While other large earth equivalents have been found in the exploration of other realities, none of them have been as stable as the one found in AU-001.

From the surface, the planet has a day-night cycle equivalent to the baseline earth. During the day, it has a sun proportional in size to itself, and during night times, it has a sky with a unique
and consistent star pattern.

AU-001 ceases to exist past 10 astronomical units. Any attempt to go past this boundary results in the vessel emerging from the opposite side of AU-001.

Additionally, the reality's sun does not exist. From orbit, the entirety of the planet appears to be receiving light from a constant source. However, surface measurements of sunset and sunrise do not line up with measurements taken from orbit. The source of this light has yet to be determined. The stars visible from the surface are not visible in orbit.

Satellite imaging has shown that the planet possess 14 large continents and over 50 smaller landmasses. Due to its size, the estimated number of island-like landmasses is in the tens of thousands. Biomes tend to be scattered randomly through out the planet, with the weather patterns found through seemingly independent of the locations distance to the equator. The only exception to this is the presence of massive ice caps on the north and south poles.

Despite its large size, the planet does not exhibit the gravitational pull it would be expected to. Surface measurements show that the gravitational pull exhibited by the planet is roughly equivalent to the Baseline Earth. The structures and geology of the planet match this property.

In particular, one exploration of the surface led to the discovery of a massive cave system within the planet. Imaging equipment has shown the initial openings to be comparable in size to baseline ocean trenches. The full extent of the cave system is unknown. It is suspected that many of these "super systems" exist across its surface.

Several civilizations have been encountered on the planet. As of yet, all encounters have been purely observational. While all discovered civilizations1 have been human, the distance between them is extreme enough that the likelihood that any of them have met another is incredibly small.

Archaeological evidence is present in several locations, all of which far exceeds the technological prowess of any of the (currently) existing civilizations due to their size. The most extreme example discovered so far is a temple approximately 15000 km wide and 25000 km long.

Hume instrumentation does not function within AU-001. Investigations as to why this are currently ongoing.

Colonization: ##blue|The construction of a permanent outpost within AU-001 is currently underway. Current theories indicate that more efficient and permanent entrances will be able to be opened from within AU-001 as opposed to outside of it.

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