Varaxous 1

Reality Designation: 001

Earth Status: Habitable, Extremely Favorable

Method of Entry: Methods of entry into AU-001 utilizing traditional Thaumaturgical Way access and rituals has so far proven to be impossible. Through the use of Dimensional Relay Hooks, however, AU-001 is has been shown to be easily accessible.

Earth Description: Physically, the planet is abnormally large, having a radius approximately 696,000 km long, almost exactly that of the Baseline Sun. While other large earth equivalents have been found in the exploration of other realities, none of them have been as stable as the one found in AU-001.

Satellite imaging has shown that the planet possess 14 large continents and over 50 smaller landmasses. Due to its size, the estimated number of island-like landmasses is in the tens of thousands. Biomes tend to be scattered randomly through out the planet, with the weather patterns found throughout seemingly independent of the locations distance to the equator or large bodies of water. The only exception to this is the presence of massive ice caps on the north and south poles.

Despite its large size, the planet does not exhibit the gravitational pull it would be expected to and instead exhibits a uniform force equivalent to baseline Earth's.

While several mega-structures have been found in certain places on the surface, it is unknown whether these are artificial or natural. The presence of at least one intelligent civilization present on the surface is expected.

Colonization: While AU-001 presents significant potential in resource development, the existing population and sheer size of the planet is a significant impediment. Rudimentary explorations are currently being held to determine additional qualities.

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