The Kid Who Fucks With Trains
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CONTAINMENT CLASS:keter restricted


Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5275 is to be contained in a Cost-Effective, Minimal Security (or CEMS) containment cell. In the event that IT breaches containment, a single security officer is adequate in ensuring a safe recontainment.

The Ethics Committee has granted Site-53 Command permission to prioritize cost reduction when rebuilding SCP-5275's containment cell after it breaches containment. In the event that a containment breach damages the containment cell of other anomalies, this is to be overridden by standard recontainment protocols.

Description: SCP-5275 is New York state resident Stanley Yoshiro, (at time of first documentation) a 17-year-old human male that exhibits unconscious control over locomotive teleportation. Train manifestation occurs on a long-range (≥10-kilometer) basis. Manifestation typically consists of the translocation of at least a single train car across that distance, from a randomized vector, in the direction of SCP-5275's line of sight.

Most translocated trains come from the New York City Metropolitan Transportation Authority (or MTA) rapid transit network.1 This network contains upwards of 6,500 train cars across 400 kilometers of above- and below-ground railway tracks. Over a period of 18 months, the MTA (in co-operation with Foundation staff from Sites-16, -22, and -53) claim that SCP-5275 was accountable for 31 separate incidents costing over $52.7 million in repairs.

Across extended psychoclinical and anomalospatial study of SCP-5275, research staff note that the expression of its anomalous ability corresponds primarily with its present emotional state. This ability does not appear to be restricted by its physical location. For instance, SCP-5275 exhibited a level of irregular control over its ability six months after its family moved away from New York City, ~97 kilometers due north.

The Site-53 Psychology Department is of the opinion that SCP-5275's anomalous ability emerged from a place of psycho-social trauma in its lifetime, directly correspondent with the New York City Subway.2

MTA police enforcement officials currently have a warrant out for the arrest of Stanley Yoshiro. Foundation personnel are concerned that further co-operation with the MTA on this matter is likely to exacerbate SCP-5275's condition.

Addenda Materials

I. Recovery

Site-58 Foundation officials respond to the spontaneous appearance of a train crashing in downtown New York City. Personnel discovered a concurrent theft, and determined that it was related to the manifestation of SCP-5275's anomaly. After apprehending the perpetrator and SCP-5275, mass amnestics were administered.

II. Timeline of Incidents


5275 struggles and refuses to attend interviews, lashing out. Trains destroy the first, second, and third containment units during this period.


5275 is sedated and relocated to Site-53, a low risk containment site in order to prevent damages to containment cells of Euclid and Keter anomalies. Site personnel decide to postpone interview sessions indefinitely.


5275 experiences a nightmare and lashes out unconsciously, causing its first recorded incident since relocation to Site-53. This is the first incident where 5275 manifests more than one locomotive. After the incident, site personnel note that 5275 was not breathing, and the anomaly was placed on life support. 5275's manifestations are assumed to be linked to its emotional state and a proposal for psychological evaluation of the anomaly is approved


5275 regains consciousness. The anomaly is significantly more cooperative, agreeing to an interview session with the site psychiatrist.

III. Interview

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