Floppy's Annotated Reading List

When an author-friend of mine plugs an article to me, I always say that I'll "add it to The List". This is The List. My reading list, wherein I eventually read all the things or die trying!

Special Key
(where applicable)
Symbol Meaning
Crossed out Read
Not crossed out Upcoming
[✱] Skipped; included for reference
[●] Contributed
[!!!] Can't wait to read this!

Canons [17/33]

My goal is to read all the canons on the site!

Doctors of the Church [✱]
The Antarctic Exchange
Only Game In Town1
Competitive Eschatology2
Broken Masquerade [❤︎]
The Coldest War
The Man Who Wasn't There
The Old Man in the Sea
Rat's Nest [●]
Bellerverse [✱]
Codename: Green King
Et Tam Deum Petivi [❤︎]
S & C Plastics
Global Occult Coalition Casefiles
Probably won't finish this? Good reference though.
The Gulf
Stealing Solidarity
Straight On Till Morning
Resurrection [!!!]
AIAD [●]
70% complete
On Mount Golgotha
Third Law
Project Heimdall
Probably won't finish this? Good reference though.
Cool War 2: Ruiz From Your Grave3
Dread & Circuses [!!!]
War On All Fronts
Ship In A Bottle4
Those Twisted Pines [!!!]
The Foundation Alchemy Department
End of Death
What A Wonderful World
Apotheosis [●]


The Cool War
I read, like, 10% of this. How have I not finished it?!
Ad Astra Per Aspera
DrBleep's Orcadia series
I don't even know where to start!

Singular Articles

Cool things that cool cats have linked me.




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