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You jolt awake, pry open your eyes, and yank a clenched fist to your chest.

Wincing, you release your fingernails from your palm.

am i alone?

The light at the terminal grows, stabbing.

Item Number:_

not alone.

You hunch into your chair, trying to look small — a force of habit. You toggle open the display settings and crank down the brightness.

Foreign memories fly into your head, screaming. They're yours, of course, but they feel so wrong. Your synapses fire and make sense of the noise.

Item Number: SCP-4790_

You force yourself to recall.

Item Class: Keter

You squeeze the tip of your tongue into the nook behind your front teeth, wincing.

Special Containment Procedures: In the event of a suspected SCP-4790 sighting, several methods of temporary evasion have been conjectured. To date, the most consistent method involves avoiding SCP-4790-associated thoughts for as long as they persist. This remains reliable so long as SCP-4790-A reaffirms any strongly-held beliefs, using self-distraction to suppress areas of fear and insecurity.

With trembling fingers, you herd a stray lock of hair behind your left ear.

SCP-4790 is localized to the research and residency buildings of Area-75; until it is quarantined by SCP-4790-A, it cannot be considered contained.

Bile coats your esophagus. You swallow. You shudder. You continue.

Description: SCP-4790 is a_

Something creaks. Where — in one of the adjacent work-spaces? At the threshold leading into the corridor? Or was it more than a creak — behind you?

Your veins freeze. You panic. You fall forward and curl up beneath the workstation. A dozen negative thoughts stream through your head.

why did you come here?

fucking pathetic.

just face the world.

you could fucking end this.

why are you wasting everyone's time?

After a period of relative silence, the panic subsides. That was the ventilation system kicking in, wasn't it? Must have been — you go with that.

get up.

Description: SCP-4790 is a Type-II Amorphous Entity occupying Research Area-75.

You look across the vacant room at a nearby window, unable to gaze far beyond the darkness. The building's lights are off for the night, save for emergency lamps lining the hallways. It would appear that you are alone.

…no, i'm not. i'm not alone.

You maintain focus. You breathe in, taking in the scent of dust all around, nearly choking on it. You lock your eyes to the screen.

No complete physical description of SCP-4790 exists; all known information is circumstantial and anecdotal. SCP-4790 is an opportunistic predator, known to stalk prospective prey between sunset and sunrise for a period of three to four weeks, forgoing a full emergence until the final days of predation.

You shudder; a breath escapes from deep in your chest.

You try to remember what comes next, leaning back.

In the background, the terminal runs memetic hazard inoculation checks.

How long have you been in the dark?

SCP-4790 victims (designated SCP-4790-A) invariably suffer from mild anxiety, paranoid thoughts, infrequent to frequent panic attacks, and in some cases, hallucinations and delusional ideation.

How long have you been so afraid?

It remains to be seen whether this is in response to SCP-4790; a secondary effect; or, a set of traits it prefers in its prey.

How long has it hunted you? It was… Since you first transferred in for that long-term research stay — to fill a spot left vacant.

You don't remember how you got here, but your last memory is from your bed. You lay there, paralyzed and alone, for the sixth night in a row. Your shirt stuck to your back with sweat. Each night before you, the site looked emptier, until you felt like the last person around.

Tonight, the shadows in the corner seem larger than ever before.

SCP-4790 preys on an awareness of its existence; as an understanding of the entity progresses, SCP-4790-A instances suffer from increasing apprehension and physical isolation.

You don't look. You distract yourself; opening your personal files, you search for the image that captures when you first truly felt alone.

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