SCP-4280: Terminus - Rewrite
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SCP-4280 as viewed from the Hubble Space Telescope as of 7/18/18. Terminus is nearing.

Item #: SCP-4280

Object Class: Terminus

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4280 cannot be contained at the moment, and should be recognized as an existential threat to the Foundation, SCP, and humankind alike. Due to this, all Foundation members should emotionally and physically prepare for eventuality SCP-4280-1, or Terminus, by preparing a means of suicide.

Description: SCP-4280 is a space-time anomaly, the edge of which is about five-million light years from the Earth. Despite being massive, SCP-4280 has not gravitational pull. There is no currently known specific origin or center of mass of the anomaly, but scientists can estimate it is about two-million light years inside of itself.
Any matter exposed to SCP-4280, hereafter referred to as 'O', is effectively destroyed through the process of dimensional folding.1

Addendum 4280-A: We have been debating the legitimacy of SCP-4280. Some skeptics who will not be named claim it is not anything to be concerned about, and that it is a slowly expanding black hole (even though it shines many different colors) that does not pose any immediate threat to Earth.
Others, including me, have noticed the recent expansion and have been trying to devise a solution, or, at least an explanation to the overhanging problem of 4280.
-Dr. Oracle, 12/24/17

Addendum 4280-B: So it's yet another Christmas spent away from my wife, Sheila, and I think that my team has drafted up a possible equation. It has yet to be approved by Dr. ███████. Him and his ragtag group are still in denial about SCP-4280, and at this point I don't think they're going to change their minds. I'm trying to get him taken off the research team. What a horrible way to spend the holiday season.
-Dr. Oracle, 12/25/17

Addendum 4280-C:

Let X = The Speed of the Expansion of SCP-4280 in Cubic Meters per second

Let c = The Speed of Light in m/s

The Equation: X = 5.02×106(c)

It's a simple equation, but it might be the backing for my argument. If I can prove (with some kind of telescope, probably) that it is expanding at 5.02 times the speed of light, I can finally get ███████ to either get off the team or help me.
I swear I'm about to have a major breakthrough.
Well, to be honest, somewhere in my soul, I don't want myself to be right. If my calculations are correct, SCP-4280 is going to come into contact with Earth on 1/1/19.
-Dr. Oracle 12/26/16

Addendum 4280-D: I think that bastard Dr. ███████ and his boys are trying to get me killed. I walked into the break room and I swear I heard them talking about an 'experiment' involving sending someone called 'O'. I need to tell Sheila I love her. I'll call her today.
-Dr. Oracle 12/27/16

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