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South-Central Protective Services' new Containment Insurance Entity

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Item Number: SCP-4975

Object Class: Thaumiel

Special Containment Procedures: The Department of Bureaucracy is to ensure that SCP-4975 continues to operate within Foundation front company South-Central Protective Services indefinitely.

Description: SCP-4975 is a Foundation-employed corporate entity that sells insurance coverage against anomalous phenomena.

SCP-4975 itself is a conceptual mass of memes that excels in risk-assessment and risk-management.

SCP-4975 acts and interacts with civilian customers in a manner similar to non-anomalous insurance services.

SCP-4975 expedites the containment process.

Addendum 4975.1 — Discovery: In November 2020, anomalous insurance protection was a service offered by Avelar Professional Products Incorporated (APP Inc). The Department of Bureaucracy investigated APP Inc to learn more about their insurance services. The company had been running a successful insurance startup for the last two years, mimicking the Foundation's previous proposals for a stake in the insurance industry1.

Foundation Bureaucratic agents reached out to APP Inc in February 2021 in an attempt to build corporate synergy. Foundation personnel compiled a list of reasons why the two organizations should work together, citing the fact that the Foundation has contained 58 different anomalous Avelar products since 20132, preventing PR malfunctions and keeping consumers safe. The company claimed ignorance of any such contained products.

In February 2021, the two organizations negotiated a business deal, which stated that APP Inc would relinquish the rights to their insurance entity (designating it SCP-4975) in exchange for a 7% premium on all insurance deals over the next 10 years. As well, the Foundation would halt containment initiatives against Avelar and return all Avelar items held on a protection basis.

Update: Avelar Professional Products has not returned the Foundation's phone calls.

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