To The Skies With A Vengeance!
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Ever since the Great Containment Breach — that began and ended with all personnel in the small town-sized Site-19 transforming into blithering, blabbering bird-brains — Doctor Spanko was on a mission. His directive: to tell the vast history of the universe itself. Such a tale would take some time to tell. To his luck, he had a long time, and a large audience to tell it to. And so, as he traversed the wasteland of Birdmerica with the three former D-class that acted as his entourage, he found that life was good.

In the three months it took to tell but the first Act of his recount, Herr Doktor Spankoflex had already made an outstanding foray into the philosophical hot-takes of Time and Space that had neglected induction into the Written Cack. But before he could get to the good parts, Spanko was tired. For 89 days, 7 hours, 21 minutes, and 53 seconds, he had neglected even a singular wink of sleep.

So he slept. And for a week, the world forgot about the Written Cack. Until…

"The Ways are closed. There's no way anyone from that Earth designation is coming in here, whether they like it or not."

The two librarians glanced at the wall. A second later, a small screaming bird tumbled head-first through a multicoloured disturbance in space and time.

"You were saying?"

"Oh dear."


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