SCP-5621 - Yiff In Heaven

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Item Number: SCP-5621

Containment Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Derivative works of SCP-5621's index case ("Cheri the Feline") have been removed from the internet pending an anomalous murder investigation. Foundation web crawler I/O-TIGER has been dispatched to the image board e621 to monitor pornographic imagery for depictions holding SCP-5621.

All novel image data within at least a 99.7% match of SCP-5621's visual digital fingerprint are to be targeted and destroyed.


Fig 1.1: The index case for SCP-5621 hazards. Full image depicts an anthropomorphic feline with large breasts and exposed nipples. Cognitohazardous metadata removed.

Description: SCP-5621 is a phenomenon involving the manipulation of a writing instrument to produce a specific depiction of "yiff" art,1 which triggers a marked swelling of the cranium's trigeminal nerve when viewed.

The sum of SCP-5621's line formations have only been evidenced to affect the neural patterns of humans who do not identify with the furry subculture. When drawn, a visual cognitohazard activates. This hazard varies in severity based on the complex combination of several similar, but distinct, attributes. Observed attributes are as follows: Personal upbringing, level of poverty, level of physical activity, gender identity, sexual orientation, sexual attraction, and level of sexual activity.

Most humans exposed to SCP-5621 experience mild symptoms of central nervous distress. Bodily response to viewing can manifest as numbness or temporary paralysis, nausea or vomiting, general body aches including headache, and fever.

In a small, but considerable number of cases, humans experience immediate fatality at the point of visual contact. Based on information related to one Person of Interest #5621-A (see Addendum II), this is not believed to be intentional.

Addenda Materials

I. Discovery

The events leading up to the Foundation's discovery of SCP-5621 began with a controversy within the furry community. This timeline of events is still believed to be incomplete.

Because the furry community organizes primarily online, most interactions between furry members occur within online blogs, image boards, and chat platforms. On 4 February 2020, pornographic furry image board e621 experienced a short server interruption that ended with the dissemination of a potent hazard. This hazard — which is imperceptible to the human eye — became expressed by one nude art subject entitled "Cheri the Feline."

The subject quickly trended on the platform, gaining over 800 likes and 250 shares by the day's end. Its hazard affected no users; Foundation memeticists speculate that exposed users continue to carry it dormant within their memeome.2 However, in its spread, the hazard cross-contaminated to a population of ~160 non-furry internet users separate from the e621 community.

Of the 160 affected persons, most experienced no negative symptoms. A significant but minority percentage reported experiencing mild but temporary nervous distress, and 12 others expired in their homes.

e621 could not find the exact source of the anomaly, as its system administrators staffed no occult programmers at the time. Mobile Task Force Kappa-10 ("Skynet") discerned that the visual cognitohazard was not the result of an external web attack, and instead, originated on the website. After classifying the anomaly as SCP-5621, Foundation IT personnel obtained tracking data linked to the account of Cheri the Feline's artist.

II. Interview with Person of Interest


FOREWORD: POI-5621-A ("Hayley Maryana") is an independent anomalous digital artist who frequented website e621. Following the incident, Foundation IT staff found her place of residence (a dorm room) and, with the help of college officials, sent a tactical response team to detain her.

POI-5621-A yielded to response personnel, sobbing.


1:34 PM <•Corvus> Okay.
1:35 PM <•Corvus> I am going to make an official statement
1:35 PM <•Corvus> The first person to make an article that stays above +40 with a cropped yiff image
1:35 PM <•Corvus> Will recieve twenty USD from me
1:35 PM <Croquembouche> Corvus: why cropped
1:35 PM <•Corvus> Croquembouche: because I don't want anyone getting banned
1:35 PM <•Corvus> It must be a new piece
1:36 PM <•Corvus> And the image must be on it from the beginning and stay on it

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