Floppy 10


Researcher Calvin:

I've put in a request to officially re-open the MTF-Eta-4 file. They are still of use to us and have communicated the desire to remain staffed and on-duty. We have reason to readmit them for all they've done to help save humanity; you have reason to readmit them. I understand you'll soon be placed on leave for at least the next quarter, but if you have the time, I'd like to have my request honoured.

Please refer to the attached files.

And Calvin? Thank you. For trusting us.

— Dr. Frederick Hoygull, PhD, Avian Division Head

Mobile Task Force Eta-4 ("Begone Thoth")

Current Task Force Leader: N/A

Task Force Interim Leader: N/A (formerly Dr. Frederick Hoygull, Ph.D. from May-August 2018; retired in September 2018)

Task Force Personnel Liaison: N/A (formerly Researcher Calvin)

Members: 4 in primary positions, 10 in support roles

History: MTF-Eta-4 is composed of several sapient seabirds once recruited into various Foundation support roles after their anomalous nature developed. MTF-Eta-4 were first classified as instances of SCP-3095-1 from the Eighth Hark Society and were later inducted into the Avian Division based on select archetypal markers.

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