EC-1 - 'Mercy'- Knows whats up. Only one to interact with the entity. Information regarding entity limited due to negotiations. "If I had had any doubts in this proposal, you wouldn't be here."

EC-5 - 'Eddie' - trusting by nature, has doubts, but ultimately accepts due to needing the tech. "What was that motto of ours again? 'We die in the dark so you may live in the light.' It's time we live up to it."

EC-3 - 'Tristan' - Has a lot of doubts, accepts only on the condition of moving the PII project way up the schedule. "Heh. So you're doing it again. Putting the burden of the world onto my shoulders again. Fuck it. I say yes, on the one condition that the PII project is moved up the time tables. A lot. Foundation employment never did end with death. But even so, I can't just accept leaving them dead in the water."

EC-4 - 'Lauren' - While the positives are great, we can't do this. "This isn't our decision to make. We are 5, out of every Foundation employee that has or ever will be employed for us. I'm sorry, but no."

EC-2 - 'Samuel' - Newer, the wild card so to speak, chosen due to the more down to earth aspect. Hard no. "We can't do this! It doesn't matter what we get out of it, we're, bartering their goddamn afterlives."

A woman walked into a dimly lit room, carrying 4 files in her left hand, a cup of coffee in her right.

"Have a good morning?" she asked the 4 other inhabitants of the room, all of them circled around a round table.

"I thought the days of waking up in a strange room with no memory of getting there was going to end when I retired," said the old man on the left, "especially with such a high ranking stranger."

"You're not supposed to remember that," the woman said, clearly amused.

The man chuckled. "There's a lot I'm not supposed to remember."

She laughed. "Amnestic immunity aside, we've got something much more important to discuss today. While I'm sure you're all acquainted, for the cameras please introduce yourselves."

"Tristan Grey, former Vice Chairman of the Foundation Board of Ethics." He was an old man in a gray suit.

"Eddie Smalls, Ethics Liason for Site-19." He was a middle-aged man with a receding hairline,

"Lauren Pearl, current Head of Ethics at Site-17." She was a blonde woman, the soft look on her face outlined by blonde hair.

"Samuel Mitchells, recently interred member of the Ethics Committee." He was a young man with brown hair, clearly the youngest there, and clearly the most uncertain.

"You all can call me Mercy and it's a pleasure to meet you all. My real name is…classified information," she said, glancing towards Tristan, "and what I do is also classified." She took a sip from her coffee.

"So let's begin the committee. Just remember: we're all equals here," she said, throwing down the files onto the table.

"Three weeks ago, at approximately 5:00 pm on 12/23/2016, O5-1 received a phone call from a then unidentified source. This was immediately following an O5 referendum that had been held



YEA: EC-1, EC-3, EC-5

NAY: EC-2, EC-4


End of File.

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