The Sub Of Your *BEEP*

15th tale

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The-Original-Ellie 02/04/17 (Wed) 08:35:22 #35825061

Last night I had a really strange dream.

I was at a Subway. The place was full, so an employee even had to open this giant garage-like door so folks could eat outside. Meanwhile, I sat at a table with one of my best friends as she devoured a sub.

"You gonna go get one?" She asked.

I nodded and stood, taking a look at the counter where you order before sitting back down again, confused. Everything was wrong. Instead of an area where you would walk along and tell the employees what you wanted on your sub, it was all separated.

After staring for what seemed to be hours, I found a kiosk where you could get an egg carton-like box to lay your unfinished sub in. Then I looked back up to an area where you could grab your bread and an employee standing lazily at a counter.

It felt like the whole subway was changing just to fuck with me. Eventually, I found the bread area again, and I snatched it up quickly.

But then what? I paced around nervously, then sat back at the table with my friend, burrowing my flustered cheeks into my hands. It was humiliating! I was just wandering around the whole subway not knowing what to do, but it was a subway for godsakes! How fucking hard could it be?!

My friend poked me and then pointed to something, yet my vision magnetized to a boy sitting next to us. The boy was one of my exes— a dude who had harassed me when I broke up with him after he threatened to bomb my high school. He smiled at me with a shit-eating grin and all of my frustration bubbled up as I lashed out in aggression.

"Fucking leave me alone, you bitch!"

He frowned and left, and thankfully I didn't see him again. However, I could feel everyone's eyes on me, their glances like little prickly needles all across my body.

I shivered and took a deep breath, scratching my arm. My friend poked me again and pointed at a small stand.

Thanking her, I walked over and slapped a few slices of turkey and cheese onto my sub. Almost done.

But the veggies were somewhere else.

I went up to another counter, waiting for an employee to come help. After five minutes, I sat back down at my table again, and then an employee came up, so I went to talk to him.

He asked what I wanted on the sub. "Lettuce and carrot," I replied. But who gets carrot on a sub? That's not even an option at Subway!

"And your name?"


"Alrighty then…" The employee wrote my name on the box of the sub and then turned to his computer. "You know, not all names have to have capital letters." He then proceeded to walk away from the counter, probably to put the veggies on my sub.

As I thought about what he'd said, my attention was drawn to a monitor where a list was being shown. It was like this:

i swear to god if I have to make one more edit to this fucking list I'm quitting

For some reason, the last four 'names' were suddenly erased, leaving my uncapitalized name at the top of the list. So that was what he meant. It was off-putting to say the least, but eventually the employee came back with my boxed-up vegetable-packed sub.

My stomach suddenly groaned, and I realized I was starving. So instead of paying, I snatched the box from his hands, tearing it open frantically to see my sub.

It looked so delectable… the lightly toasted bread, some turkey and lettuce hanging off the side of the bread, the mix of smells and tastes complementing each other to form a mouthwatering aroma that just made me want to just eat the whole thing in one bite.

I slowly lifted it up to my mouth, and then…


I know that cartoons exaggerate how much we hate alarm clocks, but I really felt like taking a hammer out from under my pillow and smashing it right then and there.


Now I want a sub.

Jumbat 02/04/17 (Wed) 08:48:17 #35826260

God, I also had a Subway dream!

I was trapped in an endless Subway. Every time I would go through a door, it would open to another Subway, but there was never any actual food.

After days of wandering, I was starving. But then, I saw a sub placed upon a table, wrapped up in that waxy paper stuff they use.

I unwrapped the sandwich, practically salivating as I opened my mouth, and—

My wife poked me, saying that I was drooling on her.

We agreed to go out and get subs for lunch today.

Alli9 02/04/17 (Wed) 09:24:52 #35827114

This is… really weird. I had a Subway dream too, kinda.

I was trapped in a damp, dark room. No exits, no furniture, just a pizza box in the middle of the room. Dominoes, specifically.

It wasn't even good. At least, not after the first few days.

What used to be an alluring box of junk food turned into a maggoty mess with an inescapable pungent smell.

I starved in there.

But then, I woke up one day.

The pizza box had been replaced by a sub, and I could feel my mouth watering in anticipation as I ran towards it, but…

Yeah. I woke up. Probably gonna go get a sub for lunch today now.

But isn't it suspicious? I mean, three of us have similar pro-Subway dreams?

I mean, I know corporations brainwash us, but… Subway? What do you guys think?

The-Original-Ellie 02/04/17 (Wed) 09:44:12 #35827529

You might be onto something. What if they're making us have these dreams so they get more business?

I mean, it makes sense, I think.

Alli9 02/04/17 (Wed) 09:49:24 #35827843

Sounds like forcing dreams into people's heads would be too much work just to get folks to buy subs.

I mean… it's not impossible.

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